DIABOLICAL: WHO considers COVID shots “one of the most successful and cost-effective public health interventions”

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who-declares-covid-vax-successful(NaturalHealth365)  If you were to believe everything presented during the nightly news, you would believe the World Health Organization (WHO) – which considers all immunizations, including the COVID injection, to be infallible.  The widely accepted narrative is that public health interventions are economically efficient and a net positive for the human condition.  Yet, we know, this narrative is a pure lie, given the fact that the jab has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.

As soon as you embrace that idea that you’ve been lied to, you’ll begin to question the WHO’s endgame.  How can a supposedly charitable organization turn a blind eye to the negative health consequences of the Covid shots?  Critical thinkers rightfully question whether the COVID shots are a means to a nefarious end that will never be fully revealed to the masses.

WHO ignores immense harm inflicted by COVID shots and declares “success”

Read through the news releases and announcements made by the WHO’s public relations department, and you’ll find it is chock-full of propaganda presented in supposed fact form.  Spend half an hour on the WHO website, and you’ll discover half-truths and even some bald-faced lies, many of which have been debunked in neglected corners of the web.

As an example, the WHO narrative states receiving the COVID shot has the potential to be lifesaving.  The organization’s representatives insist coronavirus injections protect against sickness and even death.  Furthermore, the WHO narrative highlights how the shot reduces the chances of passing the virus to friends, family, coworkers, and others you cross paths with.

The WHO wants you to blindly accept that the decision to get injected is a public service that will eventually halt the spread of this deadly virus.  If you are still in the midst of waking up, shift your attention to alternative sources of news across the web.  You’ll find that the Covid shots do not protect against infection nor prevent transmission.

How the COVID shots decimate humanity, as we know it

If the American mainstream media expanded its source material in the spirit of objectivity, it would reference the recent report out of the UK revealing how the COVID shot is deadly.  The UK government’s shocking admission of how the injection causes death directly conflicts with the WHO’s statements to the contrary.

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If you were to force officials from the UK to sit in a room with representatives from WHO to discuss the safety and efficacy of the Covid shots, you would witness quite the cognitive dissonance play out.  Representatives from the UK would highlight how mortality rates in uninjected age cohorts are lower than those in all those people that received the Covid shots.  Furthermore, truth-tellers from the UK would also point out how the gap in death rates between the people that accepted the shots and those that did not get injected expand with each passing month.

The pressing question is why our federal government refuses to acknowledge such truths, choosing to push a false narrative.  Continue to ask questions, and you’ll make your way to the truth.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where corporate monetary donations (especially from the pharmaceutical industry) to our so-called political “leaders” has corrupted our government at the federal and state levels.  We need to replace them with better quality leaders that truly protect the public.

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