Top doctors warn about mass CENSORSHIP of COVID vax injuries

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covid-vax-injuries-are-censored(NaturalHealth365)  It is well-known that the COVID vax has the potential to cause numerous side effects, many of which lead to lifelong adverse health outcomes.  Some of the world’s top physicians are now stepping forward to shine the spotlight on the widespread underreporting of vax injuries.

A handful of the industry’s most respected clinicians are even going as far as acknowledging that the mainstream media are censoring COVID vax injuries.

Courageous doctors step forward and warn about massive censorship of COVID shot related injuries and deaths

It is no secret that we live in contentious and perilous times.  However, no matter how bleak the future looks, profiles of courage continue to emerge with each passing day.  Those who bravely step forward to tell the truth about COVID vax injuries and censorship from the media are in the minority, yet their numbers are on the rise.

Most conventionally trained physicians are taught to identify symptoms and select treatment, skipping over the critical thinking component of the decision-making process in favor of bot-like rote memorization followed by a response almost always by the book.  However, not all physicians think this way.

Medical professionals with an allegiance to the truth point to a recent Cleveland Clinic study of 50,000 healthcare workers.  The analysis reveals those vaxxed are much more likely to test positive for coronavirus.  This finding flies in the face of the mainstream media’s narrative that repeated injections slow or even halt the spread of the virus and lead to positive health outcomes.

Delve deep into the Cleveland Clinic study, and you’ll find the unvaxxed fare the best.  The shocking truth is those who received the coronavirus injection are three times more likely to become infected with the virus.

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More evidence suggests COVID shots are ineffective and unsafe

Previous studies also point to the ineffectiveness of the coronavirus vax, yet the mainstream media rarely gives those facts and figures any air time as they have a vested interest in advancing Big Pharma’s narrative.  Those prior studies reveal the vax’s negative efficacy increases as time progresses.  As a result, the vax continues to linger, potentially indefinitely.

Sweden’s study is of particular importance as it is more comprehensive than others.  The Swedish study is more of a longitudinal one in that it gauged the vax efficacy throughout the world across more than a six-month period.  The study revealed that Pfizer’s mRNA shot, touted as Big Pharma’s greatest achievement, produced no detectable efficacy.  The study shows negative efficacy across more than 200 days for individuals older than 50.

Continue to dig through the study’s results, and you’ll find an even more shocking truth: the Pfizer shots are nearly -80% effective.  Moreover, the researchers behind the study admit that the figures continue to decline with each passing month, making it crystal clear that Pfizer’s injections cause more harm than good.

See Something?  Say Something

It is time to make the “See something?  Say something!” mantra made popular in the context of public safety and vigilante justice a hallmark of the medical industry.  Those who work as doctors, nurses, researchers, and in other capacities within the medical industry are encouraged to speak truth to power, buck the trend and highlight injustice, even if doing so conflicts with Big Pharma’s contrived narrative.

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