Director of DARPA confirms agency developed mRNA shots years before pandemic

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darpa-developed-mrna-shots(NaturalHealth365)  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is the apple of the conspiracy theorist’s eye for good reason.  Those who proudly don the tinfoil hat insist this secretive government agency, commonly referred to by the acronym of DARPA, has latent motives, some of which are malicious.

Those on the fringes even go as far as insinuating DARPA developed the internet by reverse engineering UFO technology or even cutting deals with off-world entities.  Though this conspiracy theory might be a bit far-fetched, it seems somewhat plausible after learning that the head of DARPA recently admitted the agency developed mRNA shots long before the COVID-19 pandemic.

DARPA admits developing mRNA injections well before pandemic

Stefanie Tompkins, the director of DARPA, had come out of the woodwork to let the mainstream media and the taxpayers of the United States know that her clandestine government agency was responsible for creating mRNA jabs years before Big Pharma ushered them in during the ongoing pandemic.

DARPA, a group of taxpayer-funded technologists, scientists, and engineers, is responsible for research and engineering cutting-edge technology.  Those in conspiracy theory circles insist DARPA uses black budget funds to develop futuristic technology, then slowly trickles those innovations into society, using corporations as a convenient front.

Tompkins’ admission that DARPA created mRNA shots before Big Pharma rolled them out to the public is a stunner.  Though DARPA representatives have made the public aware that it developed the internet on behalf of the Defense Department about half a century ago, few had any inkling that this group of tech developers had a hand in creating mRNA technology.

The dirty details of DARPA’s role in mRNA development

Tompkins makes no secret of the fact that DARPA played a vitally important role in mitigating the damage caused by the pandemic.  When serving at DARPA half a decade ago, Tompkins and fellow futurists advanced programs to develop messenger RNA jabs, often referred to by the acronym of mRNA.  The purpose of mRNA is to catalyze the human body into generating spike proteins to bolster immune system activity in the event of virus contraction.  Tompkins eagerly admits that her agency was hard at work on mRNA injections long before they become a part of the national lexicon.

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DARPA’s work on mRNA jabs years ago resulted from brainstorming conducted by program managers who correctly predicted the potential social and economic chaos that a pandemic would bring if a contagious virus were unleashed on the masses from a lab such as the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  DARPA’s brass viewed mRNA as a potential solution to safeguard public health as well as that of our nation’s military personnel, who are essential for national defense.

Tompkins went on to detail that Big Pharma power players used DARPA’s initial mRNA research in Pfizer and Moderna to catalyze the creation of mRNA injections.  When pressed to elaborate on DARPA’s works in progress, Tompkins noted that the agency is working on additional jab technology, diagnostics, hypersonic weapons, AI, microelectronics, and quantum computing solutions.

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