Big Pharma, Big Food target our children, pediatrician sounds alarm

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big-pharma-targets-children(NaturalHealth365)  Ever wondered why the relentless push to get every man, woman and child injected with the mRNA COVID vaxxes continues?  According to the official government narrative, you are supposed to follow the science, be afraid of a virus the existence of which has never been proven, and roll up your sleeves to take one, two, three, or more injections of an experimental shot that does not prevent transmission of the so-called virus and happens to have a horrific safety profile.  But that’s not all.

You are also expected to get your perfectly healthy child injected with the same shot because Big Pharma and health officials told you so, without giving informed consent, subjecting your child to this grand experiment with unimaginable consequences.  Of course, none of this is surprising after all, considering the world that we live in, where Bill Gates can get away with bragging about “taking things that are genetically modified organisms” and “injecting them into little kids’ arms.”

Powerful VIDEO: Pediatrician of 40 years reveals why she believes a war is waged against our children

Although billions fell victim to the fear campaign launched by Big Pharma and Big Media early on in the “pandemic,” many never bought what they were selling.  Dr. Levatin – a pediatrician with 40 years of experience – is one example of the millions of Americans who saw through the lies and questioned the narrative.

In this powerful video interview produced by Jonathan Landsman, creator of NaturalHealth365, Dr. Janet Levatin talks about how the pharmaceutical industry, government “health” agencies, and most politicians are not operating in the best interest of public health. In addition, Dr. Levatin shares her professional opinion about the incredible need driven in the media for all children to get injected with COVID jabs.

Discover why she believes government health agencies target children with the mRNA shots many scientists – including former Pfizer chief scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon – refer to as “depopulation weapons” designed to enslave and kill.

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Big Pharma cash cow: 1 in 6 children has a neurological disorder, 54% have a chronic disease

According to Dr. Levatin, the vax campaign is only one of many ways our children are targeted.  Food is another weapon used to keep children sick.

Yes, grocery stores are filled with highly processed, nutritionally deficient cereals and other products marketed as foods loaded with artificial colors and sugar – on purpose.  None of this is by mistake; it is all by design.

Masking children does FAR MORE harm than good

During the pandemic, children were forced to wear masked to school, sometimes six or more hours a day.  Never mind that no “real” science has ever proven that masks prevent the transmission of the “virus.” 

Dr. Levatin points out how incredibly unhealthy masks are, which prevent children from breathing properly and accumulate the toxic waste products they breathe out.  Tragically, the physical effects are only the beginning.  

How can homeopathy help keep your children healthy? 

In the interview, Dr. Levatin shares many powerful natural solutions to keep our children healthy and strong.  She talks about homeopathy – an alternative healing modality that’s been around for over two hundred years – being entirely safe that “assists the body in healing and balancing its own self.”  Watch the interview to learn about how homeopathy can benefit your child and support wellbeing on multiple levels.   

Listen till the very end of the interview and discover real solutions to help care for your children, keep their immune systems strong, and support their body’s natural defenses to fight off common colds and infections.  Make the lifestyle changes Dr. Levatin recommends to protect yourself and your loved ones from the detrimental effects of environmental toxins and much more. 

Let’s face it.  We went from “only two weeks to flatten the curve” to the media desperately trying to normalize the sudden deaths of perfectly healthy children.  As Dr. Levatin puts it, “our future is at stake because children are our future.”  The time is now to take better care of ourselves, say no to Big Pharma propaganda, and lead by example to raise happy and healthy children. 

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