European Parliament member demands accountability for COVID tyranny and lies

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covid-tyranny-and-lies(NaturalHealth365)  Although it may seem as if the world was completely blind to the heinous crimes unleashed against the global population under the guise of a pandemic, more people are awake than we may think.  Some members of the European Parliament now recognize the covert social control experiment that was the COVID-19 pandemic.  One member, in particular, is making waves for speaking the truth about the global plot, calling for honesty and accountability as the coronavirus lies continue to mount.

European Parliament member Christine Anderson has emerged as a profile in courage willing to jeopardize her self-interest for the greater good of society.  Anderson, a representative of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), is a proud populist, representing the masses instead of the cadre of power brokers pulling puppet strings.

“The people have been lied to,” says Christine Anderson, European Parliament member

Anderson has quickly become a rising star within the AfD, a group revered for its juxtaposition with the European Union (EU) and honorable irreverence for a political convention.  The AfD is also gaining sway with the masses throughout Germany and other parts of Europe due to its staunch opposition to open borders and unrestricted immigration.  This strong contrast with the EU’s stances makes Anderson a catalyst for social change and a divisive politician labeled as a “radical and right-wing extremist.”

Sift through Anderson’s speeches, and you’ll find she goes out of her way to highlight Pfizer’s vicelike grip on the West and other parts of the world.  Anderson echoes the sentiment of truth-tellers and justice warriors alike, highlighting the growing evidence that Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, has covertly infiltrated governments across the globe.  So it is no longer a question of whether Big Pharma corrupted governments but how deep the corruption runs.

Listen closely to Anderson, and you’ll soon understand Western democracies intentionally violated civil liberties, eliminating or restricting freedoms and putting innocent people under house arrest in what was clearly a totalitarian social control experiment. Moreover, the COVID pandemic set the stage for a gradual transition to global authoritarianism in the decades ahead.

Though freedom fighters still exist within the baby boomer, Generation X, and millennial age cohorts, the powers that be are well aware of the inherent defeatism and inferiority complex of Generations Z and Alpha.  As so eloquently pointed out by Anderson, it is only a matter of time until the power brokers’ tentacles seep deep into the minds and spirits of tomorrow’s adults, poisoning their souls to the point that they willingly relinquish individual freedom in the name of supposed utilitarianism.

Anderson: “It was never about public health … it was always about breaking people”

The president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is square in the spotlight for a good reason.  Bourla and Leyen exchanged SMS messages with one another throughout the pandemic, essentially creating a dystopian alliance that prioritized the desires of the few at the expense of the many.  Leyen has held her post for three years, serving as the leader of the EU yet her actions violated the spirit of populism.

The sad truth is Leyen covertly interacted with the head of Pfizer to obtain COVID shots.  The messages, exchanged through SMS texts, were subsequently requested by media members.  But, to the surprise of absolutely no one, those requests for full disclosure were quickly denied.

So here we stand, questioning the strange relationship of Leyen and Bourla, both of whom might be a part of the satanic Orwellian inner-party cabal that controls the narrative of our prison planet.  If you question this article’s integrity, look no further than the EU ombudsman, who publicly stated Leyen’s failure to comply with requests for the messages exchanged with Bourla constitutes malfeasance.

The word is out: politicians far and wide are in cahoots with Big Pharma and Big Tech to seize control of our lives and our children’s future.  Stop them.  Do not comply.

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