Shocking Video: Face shields will NOT effectively stop the spread of COVID-19

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face-shields(NaturalHealth365) One of the popular alternatives to face masks through the COVID-19 pandemic has been plastic face shields.  Many people prefer them because they’re less restrictive, and they also allow the mouth to be seen, something that’s useful when speaking to individuals who may have difficulty hearing. But do face shields really keep you safe from the spread of COVID-19?

One shocking new video revealed that a face shield doesn’t keep you protected from the coronavirus.  In fact, the research behind the video – published in the Physics of Fluids journal, showed face shields could not protect from the vortex rings that are generated when someone sneezes.

Face shields proven ineffective by researchers

To find out how effective face shields are at protecting wearers from COVID-19, Japanese researchers at Fukuoka University investigated what happens to the airflow around a face shield when someone standing a meter away sneezes. They simulated the situation using a computer-generated model, specifically looking at sneezes because they produce “vortex rings” that are generated when fluids are instantaneously ejected from the mouth and nose.

These vortex rings capture the aerosols in the sneeze, transporting them to the bottom and top edges of face shields where they may enter the area and get into the wearer’s nose. Simply inhale at that moment, and you’ll end up inhaling those aerosols. These results led researchers to conclude that wearing a face shield is not highly effective at preventing coronavirus infection.

Improving the effectiveness of face masks?

Although this new study and the shocking simulation surrounding it shows that face masks aren’t effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19, if you’re going to wear a face mask, there are a few things you can do to improve its effectiveness.  Of course, we should state the obvious, face shields will offer some level of “protection” for your eyes from droplets and may reduce how often you touch your mouth, nose, or eyes.

But, we also must point out: at what cost?  In other words, if we have a weak immune system … will this really help us to stay “safe?”

Having said that, if you still feel like wearing a face shield: make sure you have a properly fitting shield that goes down to your chin level and doesn’t have a gap between the front of the shield and your forehead.  In addition, worth noting, shields should be disinfected after every use, too, since droplets may land on the shield’s surface, becoming a source of infection.

But, to be honest, face shields have some serious limitations and questions surrounding the effectiveness of face masks continue to be a very serious concern.  Ultimately, the best thing you can do to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to focus on supporting a strong immune system.

This involves eating a healthy diet, staying well hydrated with clean water, getting enough physical activity, and developing good relationships with family and friends for emotional wellbeing.

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