Reduce your risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer, researchers discover an effective natural solution

Reduce your risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer, researchers discover an effective natural solution
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(NaturalHealth365) Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease affects an alarming 30 percent of the U.S. population – around 100 million Americans, according to the American Liver Foundation.  However, research out of the University of Liverpool, UK has shown regular physical exercise can reduce the risk of liver cancer and its related health issues considerably.

Resistance training, in particular, is effective in lowering fat levels in the liver.

The liver is the body’s largest organ and performs many metabolic functions related to detoxification. The benefits of exercise for liver health were more pronounced in adults who were overweight or obese. For the study, the researchers looked at data related to 98 healthy, nonsmoking adults. Each underwent comprehensive physical activity assessments while wearing an armband sensor.

Regular physical exercise reduces fatty liver disease and liver cancer risk

The participants also received body composition measurements and assessments for metabolic syndrome including triglyceride levels, midsection obesity, cholesterol levels, hypertension and fasting plasma glucose. Having three or more of these markers indicate a health problem and can definitely raise your risk of liver cancer.

The researchers found that there was a direct correlation between regular physical exercise and liver health in those with weight problems and/or metabolic issues. The less active the person was, the more likely they were to have fatty liver disease.

In fact, for every hour of moderate to vigorous exercise, liver fat levels dropped by an average of 0.87 percent.  The findings were presented at the European Congress on Obesity.

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In addition, a Tel Aviv University study held at the University of Haifa found that resistance training is particularly effective in lowering liver fat levels. Resistance training refers to using weight machines in a gym or bodyweight training.  For the study, each individual did an appropriate program for their fitness level – three times a week for 40 minutes per session.

Resistance training and physical exercise can also lower cholesterol and regulate insulin

The researchers looked at 82 adults who had been diagnosed with fatty liver disease. They were divided into two groups: one group did resistance training regularly over six months, and the other did only stretching exercises. The participants were tested regularly in areas such as weight, blood pressure, liver enzymes, blood sugar, insulin and lipids.

At the end of the study period, both liver fat and cholesterol levels were significantly lower.  Physical exercise also improved insulin levels, leading to a reduction in overall cholesterol. Ferritin levels were also found to be lower; this is a marker indicating inflammation and liver damage.

Keep in mind, liver disease has few symptoms and must be diagnosed using a blood test.  Some people who suffer from liver problems report fatigue and a general lack of vitality.  High triglyceride levels are one of the biggest factors in developing fatty liver disease; they trigger inflammation and can cause cirrhosis.

Avoid liver disease naturally with positive lifestyle choices

In addition to regular exercise, healthy eating (and drinking) is essential to liver health.  Some of the best foods for your liver include organic blueberries, cranberries, beetroot juice, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts), nuts, seeds and wild-caught fish like, salmon.

Naturally, it’s important to drink plenty of fresh, clean water and minimize alcohol consumption.  Taking a milk thistle supplement has also been found to enhance liver health.

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