Higher fluoride exposure reduces IQ, second U.S. government funded study reveals

Higher fluoride exposure reduces IQ, second U.S. government funded study reveals
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(NaturalHealth365) If you live in America, you’re almost certainly exposed to fluoride on a daily basis. And as you may know, exposure doesn’t just come from the fluoride in toothpaste or mouthwash – both of which are regularly recommended by conventionally-trained dentists.  It’s in the public drinking water supply, as well.

Now, breaking research out of York University in Canada drives home a scary reality about the dangers of fluoride exposure.

In fact, this health threat is one that’s causing health experts to voice serious concerns for expecting mothers.  To be more specific: the authors’ of the study discovered a disturbing correlation between fluoride exposure during pregnancy and offspring IQ, as measured on a standard IQ test.

Fluoride in toothpaste and municipal water supplies bad news for future generations

It’s truly heartbreaking: Women around the world are doing their best to give their unborn children the best possible chance at healthy, productive, and active lives.  Yet, through a government policy that can only be described as “mass medication” (as a high court in New Zealand has already determined), many of these mothers are unknowingly putting their child’s health at risk.

The study in question was published in the latest issue of the prestigious JAMA Pediatrics. In it, the researchers gathered information about 601 mother/child pairs as part of the Maternal-Infant Research on Environmental Chemicals cohort. 41% of these mother/child pairs lived in communities that had fluoridated municipal water.

Aside from the fact that women living in fluoridated water had significantly higher levels of fluoride in their bodies, their children were also affected.  In this study, the authors summarize, “maternal exposure to higher levels of fluoride during pregnancy was associated with lower IQ scores in children aged 3 to 4 years.”

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These effects seemed the most profound in male offspring, but both males and females were affected.

For instance, a 1 mg per liter increase in fluoride concentration in maternal urine was correlated with a 4.5 decrease in male offspring IQ (not so for females). And a 1 mg increase per day of total fluoride intake (perhaps these women are trying to stay hydrated, as advised by their OB/GYNs) was linked to a 3.7 decrease in IQ for male and female children.

The take-home message here is evident: consuming fluoridated water during pregnancy increases maternal serum concentration and is correlated with negative cognitive outcomes with offspring, especially in male offspring.  As understandably concerned researchers and doctors point out, the dire possibility that fluoride is a “neurodevelopmental toxin” should not be overlooked.

JAMA Pediatrics editor Dimitri A. Christakis, MD, MPH, published an editorial note (perhaps bracing for the fluoride proponents who would come running in protest of this alarming study), ensuring readers that the study was “subjected to additional scrutiny for its methods and the presentation of its findings.”

Responding to the evidence: How can families protect their health against fluoride?

Many studies before this latest one show that fluoride can lead to unwanted health problems. And until the U.S. government decides to stop contaminating our water supplies with fluoride – we as consumers must do everything we can to protect ourselves (and our future children).

For example, an affordable and effective home water purification system is a simple solution.

Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing spring water more often.  Just make sure that the source you choose has been tested for purity.

And, above all, do not allow your children to swallow fluoride toothpaste.  Better yet, talk to a biological dentist about safer alternatives to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  One example is the use of essential oils like, neem, clove and peppermint oil.

Lastly, ensure that your family eats plenty of fresh real foods and avoid heavily-processed (refined) sugars – which are no good for your overall wellbeing.  Of course, we also encourage you to keep reading NaturalHealth365 for the latest in natural health remedies.

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