FOIA documents show government anticipated mass COVID shot injuries

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mass-covid-jab-injuries(NaturalHealth365)  The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) will become increasingly important in the likely dystopian future.  FOIA is a statute passed in 1967 to provide public access to information in the possession of the United States government.  The statute’s language describes how documents or information controlled by the federal government are to be partially or fully disclosed upon request.  However, over 100 agencies handle FOIA requests, meaning a complex bureaucratic process is necessary to extract information from the federal government.

A recent FOIA request has resulted in the exposure of a document that reveals the federal government anticipated mass COVID jab injuries.  This is a startling find as it highlights the federal government’s negligence in the context of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An inside look at what the FOIA documents reveal

Take a deep dive into the recently released FOIA documents provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the information requestor, and you’ll quickly develop justifiable trust issues with Big Brother.  The documents reveal the federal government was aware of the potential for injuries from COVID shots dating back to the beginning of their use.  Power brokers in the Beltway were well aware that the shots would cause excess deaths, reduced birthrates, and ultimately cause an array of other adverse health outcomes.

Despite this knowledge, the U.S. government still gave the jab program the green light to move forward simply because doing so fattened its pockets.

As most of those who follow politics know, politicians on both sides receive significant soft money contributions from corporate donors, including Pfizer, Moderna, and the rest of Big Pharma.  The policy-making dynamic between corporations, congressional committees, and the overarching bureaucracy is referred to as the iron triangle.  The iron triangle shapes public policy to advance private industry interests, including that of the pharmaceutical industry.

According to the CDC’s FOIA documents, a contract was inked with General Dynamics in the summer of 2020 for nearly $10 million.  This contract reveals that the CDC expected at least 1,000 negative health outcomes in response to the jab on a daily basis.  The documents also reveal that 4 in 10 of those adverse events would be serious.

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The CDC moved forward with the injection campaign despite this awareness.  The CDC could have quashed the jab program in early January after learning of reports that the adverse reactions to the shots were worse than anticipated, yet it moved forward without concern for the human condition.

CDC anticipated over 1,000 adverse health outcomes daily throughout jab program duration

Continue to read through the FOIA document referenced above, and you’ll find the eighth page of the file shows General Dynamics went out of its way to let the CDC know that Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) had surpassed the anticipated 1,000 adverse reactions per day, hitting more than 4,500 per day.

The most disturbing part of this admission is that General Dynamics was not concerned with the toll the shots took on people.  Rather, the company was more concerned with the contract labor logistics and the bottom line, noting the need to re-forecast staffing requirements.

Big Pharma and the federal government are in cahoots to ruin your health

The key takeaway from the admissions revealed above is that the powers that be are not concerned with advancing public safety.  Rather, the power elite is concerned with controlling the masses through experimental jabs containing nanoparticles and paving a path for ongoing jab programs that hijack personal autonomy.  Stay vigilant, as we continue to monitor these issues.

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