Pfizer, FDA, CDC knew COVID shots cause harm to male fertility

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fda-knew-covid-shots-harm-male-fertility(NaturalHealth365)  Did you know the average man produces millions of sperm cells each day?  Sperm production – a complex and highly regulated process that occurs in the testes – is influenced by various factors such as hormones, genetics, and environmental factors.  Unfortunately, exposure to trauma or harmful substances can impact the epigenetic markers on DNA and associated proteins.  Epigenetic markers are chemical modifications that can alter gene expression without changing the genetic code, leading to dysfunction and poor physical and mental health outcomes.

Recent reports indicate that Big Pharma and Big Government concealed proof that the COVID-19 shot harms male sperm.  To be more specific, it is the three-letter agencies – the CDC and the FDA – along with Pfizer that admitted the shot harms male sperm.  Future historians with advanced technology capable of instantaneously analyzing an individual’s genetic makeup may link harmful epigenetic markers created by Big Pharma’s experimental shots to a litany of health problems.

The rush to bring jabs to the public ends with a thud of a crash landing

Think back to the start of the pandemic in 2020 when the unholy alliance between the trinity of Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Media ushered in the jab.  This rushed effort to bring an experimental jab to the masses was framed as altruistic and prudent for individuals as well as the collective of society.  It appears as though the race to the finish line has culminated in an epic crash landing.

Though the mainstream media, Pfizer, Moderna, and heads of state unanimously insisted that the mRNA shots would not cause harm to the human body, it appears as though the exact opposite is true.  The CDC, FDA, and Pfizer all went to great lengths to hide the fact that the shot compromises male sperm, possibly to the extent that it might cause infertility, birth defects or produce the latent impact of the aforementioned epigenetic markers that have the potential to linger for two or more generations of offspring.

We would be remiss to gloss over the fact that women worldwide have reported irregular menstrual cycles after receiving the experimental jab.

Here is how mRNA jab ingredients move through the body and why it matters

Pfizer’s documents reveal the ingredients that compose the mRNA jab move through the human body, consolidating within organs.  One particular organ that the spike protein and other components of the shots appear to target is the testicles.  It is here that the jab’s truly demonic yet latent purpose manifests in the form of anti-sperm antibodies.

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Translated from medical terminology, this term means antibodies view sperm as an invader to be damaged or destroyed.  The end result is a reduction in semen concentration as well as aggregate motile count.

Pfizer documents and clinical studies reveal the jab’s true impact on male fertility

The components of the mRNA jab shed similarly to how the virus sheds.  The FDA was fully aware that the jab’s ingredients spread through sexual intercourse, skin contact, and fluid exchange.  Though Pfizer documents reveal the jab can be transmitted during intercourse, the pharmaceutical giant did not conduct studies about male reproductive toxicity, and the FDA did not require any data related to this issue as a condition for authorization.

Perhaps Pfizer’s arrogance sidestepped this issue out of fear.  Or could it be that the catastrophic effects of the shots – conveniently labeled as “side effects” – are actually intended consequences?  Because if that’s the case, and the shots were designed to inflict harm, it is quite understandable why Big Pharma would want to keep it hidden.

Either way, it is foolish to believe that Pfizer’s top executives are unsuspecting of the possibility of their toxic injection decimating male fertility, potentially to the point that men are rendered infertile.  And since the company did not venture into the realm of testing the potential adverse impact of its injections on offspring development, only time will tell the outcome of this grand experiment.

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