Scientist developing plant-based edible vaccine for COVID-19

Scientist developing plant-based edible vaccine for COVID-19
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(NaturalHealth365) It’s amazing to watch Big Pharma officials try to dance around the simple reality that lifestyle – including the things we eat – has the most significant impact on health and longevity. Instead of promoting and funding research for whole foods diets that can reduce our exposure to artificial fillers, preservatives, pesticides, and GMO-filled Frankenfoods, they spend more of their efforts touting the newest drug, pill, and now an edible vaccine to solve all our problems. (this is not a joke!)

Incredibly, this smoke and mirrors game has now bled into the COVID pandemic, with head-scratching news coming out of a lab in Canada.  Forget about growing your own organic garden – just eat some genetically manipulated plants, instead! (it’s truly crazy science.)

You won’t believe what these Canadian researchers are doing to veggies and fruits

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a team of biologists from the University of Ottawa have recently taken it upon themselves to inject lettuce, potato, and tomato plants with bits of viral DNA contained within a bacterial solution (quite the one-two punch of pathogen soup).

Their goal is to effectively hijack the plants’ DNA with viral DNA so that the plants become like mini greenhouses “growing” viral proteins. By eating the plant (so their theory goes), a person is exposed to the viral proteins, which are then taken up by specialized cells in their digestive tract. This apparently stimulates immunity against the virus.

The biologists cite the term “mucosal immunity” as the inspiration for their research, pointing to the fact that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the pandemic illness COVID-19, also enters the body via the mucosal tissues within the respiratory system.

Makes you want to shake your head a little bit, doesn’t it? As if GMOs weren’t questionable enough, now scientists are being rewarded for tinkering with veggies and fruits and literally lacing them with viral DNA for the express purpose of “vaccinating” us.

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The University of Ottawa’s assistant professor of biology and leader of the research, Allyson MacLean, brazenly claims that edible “plant-based vaccines” will prove to be a better option for developing nations because they are cheaper, easier to store, and “more appealing” to the public.  So we’ll ask you: would you rather get injected with a vaccine or eat one?

Neither? Yeah. Us, too!

Summer is here, and so is a pandemic illness – here are 3 reasons that now is the ideal time to begin growing your own organic vegetable garden

As we wait to see whether these hybrid, viral-loaded, “transgenic” plants will ever catch on in the market as an edible vaccine for COVID, we encourage you in the meantime to set out a plot to plant your own veggies – ideally ones that aren’t genetically mutated in a laboratory.

Here are a few inspiring reasons why:

  1. Organic garden vegetables, herbs, and fruits are packed with micronutrients necessary to support a healthy immune system.
  2. The very act of growing a garden (let alone eating the nutritious foods you plant in it) is proven by research to offer multiple health benefits, as noted by a 2017 major meta-analysis published in Preventive Medicine Reports. Among the impressive benefits are “reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms, stress, mood disturbance, and BMI, as well as increases in quality of life, sense of community, physical activity levels, and cognitive function.”
  3. In a small but important way, gardening even boosts environmental health. About 8 percent of a typical American’s carbon footprint comes from food, the majority of which is due to transportation and large-scale agricultural effects.  So, growing some of your own food allows you to reduce your dependency on long-haul veggies!

Bottom line: Never underestimate the power of good nutrition to help support a strong immune system and heal the body.  We just wonder when the conventional scientific community will ever realize this truth.

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