Powerful UPDATE: Improve your heart function with these simple interventions

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heart-health-update(NaturalHealth365)  Thanks to the relentless fear-mongering campaign run by the government propaganda machine, today, millions live in fear of the invisible virus, COVID-19.  Fear, a powerful form of control, has been weaponized against the people, distracting them from other threats, many of which kill far more people each day.

As we are slowly but surely get stripped from our most basic freedoms, we give little to no consideration to the number one killer of American people – heart disease.  It is incomprehensible how a disease claiming the lives of 659,000 Americans every year gets no real attention from mainstream media and health authorities.  But we are here to change that.

In another captivating interview, we bring you real, practical health information that you can use to take charge of your heart health.  You will not want to miss this conversation between Jonathan Landsman of NaturalHealth365 and Dr. Robert DeMaria, America’s Drugless Doctor.

A healthy heart starts with a healthy liver, here is why

Few people are aware of the intricate connection that exists between the heart and the liver.  As Dr. Bob explains, blood flows up through the legs through the liver to the heart.  Therefore, it’s critical to consider what we put in and on our bodies when working to improve heart health because it affects the liver’s health.  When the liver is compromised, the blood flowing back to the heart will become impeded.

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Watch the video (above) to hear his explanation and find out what you can do to improve the health of your liver and cardiovascular system.

What you eat can impact heart function

We have all heard the expression, “you are what you eat.”  It turns out, what you eat also has a drastic effect on your heart.

For instance, most people don’t know that sugar removes B vitamins from the body.  Why does that matter?  Because B vitamins are necessary to protect the integrity of heart valves.  Scientists have confirmed this in a recent study that found people who ate a diet rich in B-vitamins are less likely to succumb to cardiovascular disease.

Heart WARNING about dehydration, toxins in our food and the environment

Eating the wrong foods, exposure to environmental toxins, and chronic dehydration also exacerbate heart issues.  Dehydration is particularly damaging, yet, most do not make the connection between lack of hydration and heart function.

Dr. Bob gives a simple yet often overlooked explanation, revealing how inadequate hydration causes red blood cells to stick together, resulting in reduced oxygen levels, causing oxygen deprivation in the heart.  Conversely, drinking more water causes the blood cells to separate, carrying more oxygen, increasing energy.

Listen to Dr. Bob’s tip on how to stay on top of your hydration using an Oximeter.

What’s the bottom line?

If you want to improve your heart health, you have no other choice but to take charge of your health.  Be proactive and take the time to understand how your bodily systems work.

Ultimately, in the body, everything is interconnected.  By nourishing your liver, removing environmental toxins, eliminating toxic foods, and maintaining optimum blood circulation, you will be well on your way to a heart-healthy you.  Share this video with your friends and family to help empower them to embark on this journey with you.

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