Historic roundtable discussion with prominent doctors exposes mRNA COVID shot dangers

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prominent-doctors-testify(NaturalHealth365)  As days go by, more and more everyday people begin to open their minds to the truth about the mRNA COVID shots.  A roundtable discussion featuring prominent medical doctors put that truth in the public spotlight.

Those willing to listen and remain objective find an increasing number of physicians are putting their reputations and careers on the line to warn people about the dangers of the mRNA shot.

Historic roundtable exposes lifesaving information

Headed by Senator Ron Johnson, the roundtable discussing the COVID shots included contributions from multiple physicians.  The overarching goal of the public discourse was to expose the risk posed by injections that are legitimate dangers to human health.

Titled “COVID-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries”, the roundtable discussion was hosted in the Hart building of the United States Senate.

The event included professional medical testimony and anecdotal accounts from those who endured injury after receiving COVID injections.  Speakers featured in the event include Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Edward Dowd, and the founders of OpenVAERS, David Gortler, and Liz Willner.

Senator Johnson spearheaded the event to publicize medical findings about Big Pharma injections, shedding light on information that the public deserves to know.

Dr. Renata Moon’s testimony is particularly important

Dr. Renata Moon was a key witness in the roundtable discussion.  The Spokane, WA-based board-certified pediatrician with nearly three decades of medical experience was shocked to find no Prescribing Information (PI) included with the mRNA COVID shots.

According to the FDA, Prescribing Information must be written for healthcare professionals and reflect the “FDA’s finding regarding the safety and effectiveness of the human prescription drug under the labeled conditions of use.” Moon’s testimony proves there was insufficient informed consent, meaning parents of little ones who received the vax and adults alike were misinformed about the supposed safety and efficacy of the COVID shots.

The lack of informed consent from the federal government and Big Pharma pushing the shots ultimately put the licenses of Moon and other physicians at risk.  Moon also pointed out the increase in myocarditis and other negative health outcomes resulting from the jab.  Cross-reference Moon’s testimony with the facts provided by funeral homes and the federal government, and you will find confirmation that excess deaths in Americans of working age dramatically spiked between 2020 and 2021.

Former Senior Advisor at Blackrock, Ed Dowd, also testified and presented alarming statistics from the insurance and funeral industries to prove that the number of excess deaths among working-age Americans surged.

COVID shots destroy health of mothers and babies

Dr. James Thorp, an OB/GYN with board certification, testified at the roundtable, stating he witnessed a significant hike in female infertility after the vax rollout.  Furthermore, Thorp also noticed a spike in miscarriages, fetal malformation, and fetal death after the shots were administered.

Add in the fact that federal and state governments insisted the public remain locked indoors for nearly three years, and the social toll taken by the pandemic makes the vax program sting even more.

As stated by Dr. McCullough at the roundtable, the only way out of this mess is to remove all COVID shots from the market and return to the normal living we all enjoyed prior to the pandemic.

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