Security ALERT: Immunity passport technology gaining traction and raising serious ethical concerns

Security ALERT: Immunity passport technology gaining traction and raising serious ethical concerns
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(NaturalHealth365) Is the Orwellian future really here? We are seeing the frightening spread of technology that will allow businesses and officials to ask people for “proof” of immunity from COVID and “other relevant health information.” While a dream for the likes of Bill Gates and other proponents of mass vaccinations, it’s sounds like nothing more than the beginning of a nightmare for the general public.

As many as 15 countries so far are preparing to adopt this baffling “show me your papers” type of mass tracking and surveillance under the guise of public health and safety. The question is: how far will officials go to control individuals’ liberty … and at what point will the public finally stand up against this insane violation of privacy?

Will your rights be violated with this NEW immunity passport?

A British cybersecurity company recently launched a new patented technology called COVI-PASS™. Their claimed objective is to promote a safer “return to work and social interactions” in the wake of a global pandemic.

Here’s some more information from their website:

“COVI-PASS™ is a secure Digital Health Passport which displays your COVID-19 test history and immunoresponse and other relevant health information … this ensures confident return to work and life.” It appears to function like a smartphone app.

Reading between the lines here, we can easily infer that this type of technology will also be used to prevent you from being able to go anywhere or do anything if you are not able to “prove” that you have antibodies against the novel coronavirus, whether by a prior infection or a vaccine (both of which are yet to be proven to offer immunity, according to officials).

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In other words:

If you’re unwilling to comply with mass tracking measures, you may need to prepare yourself for serious infringements of your rights, such as not being able to get on a plane, go to a restaurant, or even work at your job. All is within the realm of possibility if this type of technology is made widely available.

Buckle to the pressure, or lose your freedom. Many fear this is the future we are facing.

Officials poised to lull public with the promise that immunity passports will be “optional” … but, can we really believe this in the long run?

Remember that saying, “If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile?”  It’s hard to think of a more appropriate aphorism for this sobering news. And there’s no question that these apps and “ePassports” will be first sold to us as a “voluntary” idea.

But, how long can we expect that to last?

Like many other critics, our main contention with these immunity passport advances is the extremely dangerous precedent they set.  What is to stop this technology from threatening an individual’s right to privacy and liberty?

There are so many questions.  For example, what will stop people from “purposefully” getting COVID-19 or finding a way to “buy” proof of immunity?

What is to happen if and when hackers and cyber-criminals steal this kind of protected health information?  Will health officials move the goal posts and start grasping for even more control over our rights, all in the name of “safety?”

It’s not alarmist to ask these kinds of questions. With greater advancements in technology comes greater areas of vulnerability and opportunities for malfeasence.  And given the preponderence of drastic measures already taken in the COVID-19 pandemic – from contact tracing and forced quarantine to mandated mask use even while walking outside in some states – it’s not a huge stretch of the imagination to envision this type of draconian enforcement.

Bottom line: Immunity passports and other similar technology cannot and should not be normalized. It is wrong for anyone to demand access to your protected health information lest you wish to be prohibited to work, travel, or seek medical care.

We’re hopeful it won’t come to this, ever, and encourage individuals to contact their political representatives and make their voices heard.

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