8 natural remedies for kidney stones

8 natural remedies for kidney stones
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(NaturalHealth365) Kidney stones are extremely painful, and the numbers are staggering!  In fact, according to Reviews in Urology, about 7% of the adult population suffer from this horrible condition.  Generally speaking, the main cause of kidney stones is dehydration – caused by not drinking enough clean water (fluoride free) and not consuming enough water-rich fruits and vegetables.

Other medical conditions that can increase your risk of kidney stones include, urinary tract infections, renal tubular acidosis and hyperparathyroidism.

Most stones are deposits of calcium oxalate, but they can also be composed of the following compounds:

  • Uric acid, especially if you are dehydrated or have gout.
  • Cystine, if you have a certain genetic condition that affects your kidneys.
  • Struvite, which can be the result of an infection.

Luckily, there are several natural remedies for kidney stones that can prevent or dissolve these painful pebbles. The following eight foods and dietary supplements may be worth a try.

Which foods lower the risk of kidney stones?

Obviously, diet is an essential component to avoiding kidney stones. For example, eating celery stalks as a vegetable and using the seeds in tea can promote kidney health and reduce formation of stones. Apples can help prevent kidney stones due to their high fiber content – which is great for eliminating waste from the digestive system.

A less common food is holy basil.  Try making a tea from its leaves, and drink it with organic (raw) honey to decrease the pain of these stones. Holy basil is used for a variety of other benefits, such as fighting colds and the flu; improving mental alertness; and reducing cellular inflammation.

Another (delicious) remedy is created by soaking some kidney beans overnight. Then boil them for 2 – 3 hours, strain the liquid, and drink it to promote natural removal of kidney stones.

What are some good dietary supplement to help prevent kidney stones?

At the top of the list, is a medicinal plant called, chanca piedra – which is great for the liver, kidneys and gall bladder. It’s English translation is ‘stone-breaker’ and can dissolve stones, within days, if taken in sufficient quantities.

Keep in mind, quantities may vary depending on your particular condition. Having said that, most natural health experts recommend a chanca piedra tea, as soon as you feel symptoms.  Drink several cups to assist in the elimination of unwanted stones.

The B vitamins, especially vitamin B6, are important in reducing calcium oxalate kidney stones. You can get B vitamins from a wide variety of foods, including grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, raw almonds, organic whole grains and vegetables. But, very often, a high-quality vitamin B complex supplement along with additional vitamin B6 can help.

In addition, B vitamins tend to be more effective when taken with magnesium-rich foods – grown in mineral rich soils – like, organic dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds.  Magnesium deficiency is quite dangerous for human health, so be careful.

L-methionine is another recommended supplement. It is an essential amino acid that you can get from grass-fed animal foods and organic beans. But, as the body accumulates toxins, your needs will increase as well.

To avoid pain, don’t overlook the obvious

The pain associated with stones is merely your body telling you that lifestyle changes are needed – fast! Stay well hydrated and be sure you’re drinking fresh (clean) water.

If you’re drinking natural spring water – be sure it’s tested for safety. If you don’t have access to clean spring water – be sure to purify your water with a reverse osmosis (RO) unit or drink distilled water.

Just remember, drinking RO water has little mineral content, so, you may want to investigate the health benefits of restoring mineral balance to the water.  Another great health tip is to add fresh (organic) lemon, lime and apple cider vinegar to your beverages – this will help to alkalize your system and flush out those nasty stones.

And, finally, if you’re drinking soda – stop it immediately. Due to its high phosphoric acid content, swallowing soda is one of the worst things you can do for your health.  Generally speaking, a diet that makes your bodily fluids acidic will cause you lots of physical pain.

But, the good news, by making simple changes to your diet – you can avoid the threat of kidney stones forever.

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