Legal shockwaves: Lawsuit alleges Verizon cell tower caused life-threatening cardiac events

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cell-towers(NaturalHealth365)  Not too long ago, the mainstream media often portrayed those expressing concerns about 5G wireless technology as on the outskirts of public opinion.  However, a recent lawsuit alleges that Verizon’s cellular signal towers may have detrimental effects on the human body.

The plaintiff in the case asserts a direct connection between exposure to these towers and severe, life-threatening heart problems.  This legal action marks a shift in the conversation about the safety of 5G technology, prompting a reevaluation of potential health implications associated with wireless infrastructure.

The lawsuit that might change the telecom industry is now on the court docket

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has funded a lawsuit recently filed in the United States District Court for the District of Idaho Southern Division, taking aim at Verizon in what might set an important legal precedent.  The lawsuit alleges that plaintiff Henry Allen referred to as “Hank”, suffered negative health outcomes after Verizon cell towers were placed by his home.  Hank, a resident of Idaho, is sensitive to electromagnetic waves that are invisible to the human eye.

The complaint highlights how cell towers by his home emit radiofrequency radiation, allegedly causing more than a dozen episodes of atrial fibrillation.  The complaint also states elevated levels of radiofrequency radiation released by the tower cause a plethora of additional health problems, including:

  • Excessive fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Poor sleep
  • Reduced vision
  • Symptoms similar to those that occur when one is stricken with the flu

With help from CHD, Hank is suing Verizon along with other defendants involved in the tower’s operation.  As an example, the lawsuit also names Horizon Tower LLC as a defendant, as the company owns and operates the Verizon tower in question.  Moreover, the lawsuit also lists Dish Wireless and AT&T as defendants, as they own and operate the tower’s equipment.

Inquisitive legal minds who’ve taken a deep dive into the lawsuit complaint note that the atrial fibrillation episodes began several years ago.  Hank has allegedly been suffering from such heart issues dating all the way back to the spring of 2021, when the Verizon tower was originally activated.

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EMS is a legitimate health problem that everyone should be aware of

Critical thinkers are justified in questioning whether EMS is real.  Also referred to as electromagnetic hypersensitivity and microwave syndrome, EMS is recognized as a medical condition at the federal level.

Moreover, EMS is listed as a protected condition in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  It is estimated that nearly one-third of those living in the United States suffer from mild electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Your proximity to cell towers might be the cause of your health problems

If the lawsuit against Verizon is successful, it will establish an important legal precedent that might prevent the installation of cell towers near residential areas.  Telecom companies would be forced to modify towers to prevent RF radiation transmission, relocate towers, or possibly install towers at a specific elevation to prevent harm to those in their vicinity.

It is time to start asking uncomfortable questions about cell tower safety.  Though it seems logical to position such towers in and near urban centers where people use wireless devices, such positioning appears to be a net negative considering the alleged poor health outcomes of nearby residents.

It is also fair to ask whether cell towers should be positioned near houses, apartments, schools, and commercial zones.  Though your agency as a citizen is limited in comparison with that of corporations that have similar rights to human beings, you can do a couple of things to minimize exposure to RF radiation.

Consider adding EMF protection paint to your home’s exterior and interior walls.  Such paint blocks waves from moving into your living space.

Add protective fabric that guards against radiation.  Such specialized fabric, typically sold as curtains, safeguards everyone inside your living space.  Of course, if you’re concerned about EMF pollution, consider having all your computers and electronic devices hard wired and limit your time on wireless devices.

There are also unique films for EMF protection that can be added to windows to prevent RF radiation from moving inside.  Add the film to your home’s windows, and you’ll sleep soundly knowing you’ve done your part to protect yourself and your loved ones against cell tower RF radiation.

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