Government tell kids to get vaccinated for superhero powers

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kid superhero(NaturalHealth365) It takes only a bit of research into the dark world of vaccinations to draw the conclusion that the industry is much more about money than it is about health, particularly when it comes to lining the pockets of big pharmaceutical companies. Sadly, it is often the most vulnerable who are harmed the most by overzealous health officials touting broad-based vaccination programs.

But higher incidences of vaccination side effects among the elderly and young are not the only examples of the dangers of vaccines targeting those at greatest risk. The annual Vaccination Week in the Americas project of the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization seeks to manipulate and mislead through its marketing to some of the world’s poorer countries, while increasing the incidence of health risks such as MMR vaccine side effects among populations that might not otherwise undergo vaccination programs.

’Festive feel’ masks the true dangers of vaccines

Since 2003, Vaccination Week in the Americas has reached more than 519 million people, with its broadest campaigns focused primarily on countries in Central and South America. In 2014, over 51 million people across 44 countries and territories were vaccinated as part of Vaccination Week.

Rather than promoting lifestyle habits to promote good health and hygiene, providing clean drinking water or producing adequate food, the Vaccination Week project focuses on introducing toxins into an otherwise healthy human system. The action opens the door to the many risks of vaccinations, including chronic illness, injury and even death.

While the risk of dangerous side effects from vaccinations should not be taken lightly, the project’s marketing materials suggest otherwise, both in content and form. This year’s campaign used a superhero theme to appeal to youngsters. Marketing materials included games and coloring books as well as a contest that asked children to show how vaccines can power up their bodies.

Superhero characters used to sell the ‘safety’ of vaccines

The recent campaign also encouraged children to strike their best superhero pose and send in a photo or video, utilizing the theme that vaccines were powerful and help power up their bodies. Marketing materials implied that, like a superhero, vaccinations would make their bodies more powerful. This campaign targets more than 60 million men, women and children in 45 countries and territories.

The primary focus is to introduce a regular vaccination regimen to administer vaccines against measles, rubella, polio, pneumonia and other diseases. The campaign has led to similar activities throughout the globe.

Big pharma wants the entire population to be hooked on vaccines

Perhaps equally disturbing is how the Vaccination Week program plants the seed for dependency. The Revolving Fund provides member countries of the PAHO/WHO with the chance to purchase vaccines, syringes and other instruments at lower prices. As PAHO/WHOs members, some countries have continued to use the fund each year, since its start.

The fund targets 41 countries and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean. The agenda is clear: The Revolving Fund program promotes dependency on toxic drugs by providing pharmaceuticals at lower prices, along with other related items.

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  • Maxcine Hawkins

    If children become so called superheros, then let them fight the dark forces (pharmaceutical companies) that enticed them into a dangerous game. Even better let the parents protect their children by boycotting this campaign.

  • Debbie F

    Vaccinations should be something that takes research not a child with a costume to influence that choice.

  • Calos Sanchez

    They have us drinking kool-Aid, we must be if we allow this. If this article can follow the trail of deceit then we must be able to do that as well. We have been pointed in the right direction and now lets make a difference.

  • Don Ana

    What is being done is called the Decade of Vaccines, the purpose is to have every person vaccinated by 2020. Big plan and it will be possible with all these organizations helping to get that accomplished.

    • dhartley231 .

      NO it wont they will not vaccinate me I dont care thats what guns are for protection from the government

  • SibyllasStuff

    Read Dissolving Illusions on the Forgotten History of Vaccines co-authored by Suzanne Humphries. Go online and listen to her lectures as well as the wisdom of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and her information on vaccines.

    The Dept. of Health and Human Services, along with the CDC and PHrma are working to get more adults to comply with their 2020 Healthy Adults Plan. They are already emboldened by the Plan (yes capital P) where they added 6 new vaccines to the regimen for babies and children under the age of 6. between 2005 and 2010 – and now they go on to include young people and then adults. Go check out online at the CDC and PHrma sites. It is really a bit scarey. What is even scarier is that while we heard lots, and lots and lots about measles in Disneyland, did were hear about vaccinating the kids in a village in southern Mexico where some babies died? Rotavirus was one of the vaccines given – and Dr. Paul Offit who has a patent on a rotavirus vaccine is the spokesperson for the safety of unlimited vaccines. And the HPV stuff to prevent cervical cancer – (which by the way is curable in all 4 stages) or HepB – for sexually/needle transmitted disease – for infants? Hello????? is anyone home?

  • sabelmouse

    they will become superheroes, heroically coping with autoimmune disorders, allergies, mental illness, autism and other chronic conditions everyday.