NH365 091: Molecular hydrogen – Reducing inflammation safely and naturally

NH365 091: Molecular hydrogen – Reducing inflammation safely and naturally
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(NaturalHealth365) Over 3 billion years ago, molecular hydrogen served as the original energy source for Primordial cellular life, fueling its metabolic processes and protecting it from the hostile environment of early Earth.

Simply put: Without it – life would NOT exist.

Health researchers worldwide are rediscovering these forgotten benefits in a big way. Hundreds of scientific research papers, as well as animal and human studies, are showing that molecular hydrogen can be a beneficial nutrient in nearly every facet of human physiology – especially at the cellular level.

WHY molecular hydrogen is so valuable to human life

We all know that inflammation is an early warning sign that the body is under stress – usually when faced with exposure to environmental toxins, bacteria or viruses. If ignored, even conventional medicine recognizes that chronic inflammation is a major risk factor of chronic disease.

This is exactly why I am so happy to talk about molecular hydrogen – especially as it related to helping people to avoid unwanted disease symptoms.

So, what exactly is molecular hydrogen? And, more importantly, can this substance really help us to reduce inflammation – without harming the rest of the body like, commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs? Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, we’ll explore these questions plus much more.

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Podcast highlights include:

  • The healing power of molecular hydrogen
  • Incredible scientific research behind molecular hydrogen
  • How hydrogen helps to eliminate the threat of oxidative stress
  • The way hydrogen helps to reduce inflammation in the body
  • Is hydrogen safe to use? And, are there any contraindications for its use?
  • How can we best get molecular hydrogen into the body?
  • Plus, much more!

About Tyler LaBaron

Tyler LeBaron is the Founder and Executive Director of the science-based nonprofit Molecular Hydrogen Foundation/Institute. His background is in biochemistry and was a 1-year Adjunct Instructor of Physiology. He Interned at Nagoya University in the department of Neurogenetics to research the molecular mechanisms of hydrogen gas on cell signaling pathways.

Tyler speaks at Medical conferences in the US for doctors CMEs, and also at a number of academic biomedical hydrogen symposia and conferences around the world. He collaborates with researchers at home and abroad, and helps advance the education, research, and awareness of hydrogen as a therapeutic medical gas.

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