MONUMENTAL interview makes historic spike in excess deaths in young people go mainstream

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jab-induced-ecsess-death(NaturalHealth365)  Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Ed Dowd, a former BlackRock investment manager, on Tucker Carlson Today.  The enlightening discussion touched on the causal relationship between the COVID injection and negative health outcomes, with a particular emphasis on jab-induced excess death.  Carlson and Dowd took a deep dive into the trends of the ongoing pandemic, highlighting how there has been a historic spike in excess deaths in young people.

Approximately 2.8 million Americans died in 2018, 2019, and 2020.  However, the trend changed in 2020 with a slight spike in deaths likely attributable to multiple factors, including COVID, ineffective COVID treatments, and the denial of early treatment.  Then, a massive jump occurred in the third and fourth quarters of 2021.

Can this trend get any worse? Excess death spikes among people of working age (18-60)

Dowd’s analysis of recent deaths indicates the United States experienced a 40% increase in deaths in the age cohort of 18 to 64 throughout 2021.  The excess deaths in 2020 were primarily the result of older Americans saddled by comorbidities.

The 500,000 excess deaths in 2021 were a mix of older and young Americans.  However, the trend specialist insists the majority of these deaths were not attributable to the virus.

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Dowd and Carlson agree that the COVID shot is likely the cause of early deaths in young Americans.  Dowd insists even a 10% hike in excess deaths in any age group, let alone the cohort of 18 to 64, would be a historic once-in-a-200-year event.  As a whole, the country experienced a 32% increase in general mortality throughout the year.  Dowd astutely pointed out that the massive hike in early deaths is likely the result of employees working at midsize companies and Fortune 500 companies being forced to take the COVID injection.

The key takeaway from Dowd’s interview with Carlson is that more people are dying than they should.  The excess mortality rose in 2021 and 2022 and continues to increase in 2023.  Contrary to the mainstream media’s narrative, Dowd is convinced that not all deaths are attributable to COVID.  If Dowd and Carlson are correct, Big Pharma’s injections are the real causes of excess death and early death.

Important disability numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Listen to the entirety of Carlson’s interview with Dowd, and you’ll find the financial analyst backs up his assertions with facts from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The government bureau reports the country’s disability numbers were between 29 and 30 million for four to five years leading up to the pandemic.  The numbers took a massive turn for the worse in February of 2021.  At this point, the disability figures changed by three standard deviations.

Approximately 33.2 million people in the United States went on disability in September of 2022.  Exactly 1.7 million of these individuals were employed.  This statistic is significant as employed individuals are generally considered to be healthier than the overarching population.

Since February 2021, the disability rate of workers employed in the nation has increased by a whopping 31%, rising 9% from September 2021 through November and December.  The general population disability rate is up 9% in this same period.  In comparison, those not in the labor force, meaning those who were fired or quit, experienced a disability rate hike of 4%.

Here’s what matters most: those who did not take the shot due to unemployment or outright refusal to be forcefully injected enjoyed better health outcomes as quantified by the significantly lower disability rate.

Is the COVID jab a national security issue?

It appears so.  The Carlson-Dowd discourse shows those who were not in the labor force and not subjected to the mRNA injections enjoyed the best health outcomes.  In short, Big Pharma’s supposedly benevolent injections are actually a national security issue on par with the rapidly declining birth rate.

It is also worth mentioning that the cumulative death rate and injuries stemming from mRNA COVID injections were greater for women than men, ultimately implicating Big Pharma in the country’s worsening fertility crisis.  As a result, the nation will likely continue to fall well below the 2.1 fertility replacement rate necessary to maintain a stable population.

As recommended by Dowd, the United States would be wise to implement and enforce a nationwide ban on COVID shots, similar to how Denmark has taken the option of injection completely off the table for its citizens aged 50 and under.

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