MORE EVIDENCE of harm: New study links face masks to increased risk of stillbirths

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face-masks(NaturalHealth365)  People tend to forget that it was illegal to wear a mask in public throughout the United States of America up until the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Though some women refused to venture outdoors unless covered in the niqab, the letter of the law states wearing such a facemask was illegal.

Everything changed in 2020 with the arrival of COVID.

Aside from putting public safety at risk, wearing face masks is also problematic in that they increase the risk of stillbirths.  Recent data shows the levels of carbon dioxide one inhales when wearing a face mask causes harm to unborn babies.  The data also indicates kids and tweens are also at risk for negative health effects resulting from the overconsumption of one’s own carbon dioxide while wearing a face mask.

The level of carbon dioxide exposure necessary to cause a negative health outcome

Slight exposure to one’s own carbon dioxide makes a negligible impact on human health.  The question begs: exactly how much exposure to carbon dioxide is necessary to hike the chances of stillbirth?

According to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), there is a meager 0.5% threshold limit for carbon dioxide concentration inhalation across a period of eight hours.  Unfortunately, those who have researched the wearing of masks have found that nearly every study reveals results that prove masks exceed the 0.5% CO2 concentration standard.

The sad truth is wearing a mask can expose our precious children to harmful levels of carbon dioxide in merely three minutes.  Though you’ll never hear it on the nightly news, the truth is that several dozen studies analyzing face mask coverings indicate wearing the masks for an extended period of time spurs mild carbon dioxide poisoning.

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Moreover, the wearing of face masks also appears to increase the risk of cognitive decline and testicular dysfunction.

The scientists who conducted the studies determined that face coverings form an area of dead space between the lips and the mask that forces the toxic gas to remain in place, ultimately spurring negative health outcomes.  These academicians are adamant that the excess carbon dioxide in the bodies of pregnant women leads to complications for babies still in the womb.

In particular, the excess carbon dioxide forms oxidative stress that compromises fetus cognition and causes testicular formation problems in boys.

A closer look at the studies reveals the truth

In one of the studies referenced above, researchers determined a mere 0.3% prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide to young mice and pregnant rats caused brain damage, a decline in memory, and elevated anxiety.  A separate study determined male mice subjected to only 2.5% of carbon dioxide for four hours, equating to half a percent for people, caused the cells in the testes and even sperm to self-destruct.  Yet another study determined 3% carbon dioxide in rats carrying a baby resulted in birth defects and stillbirth.

German scientists pointed to the spike in human stillbirths that occurred throughout the pandemic, highlighting how evidence shows the use of masks may be tied to the significant spike of stillbirths worldwide, where the percentage increased from 28% to 33% in aggregate.  Making matters even worse is that the researchers found kids born during the years of the COVID-19 pandemic suffered two full standard deviation reductions in motor skills, verbal skills, and overarching cognitive performance.

Will the truth about face masks finally be recognized?

Now that we have ample evidence proving that prolonged face mask-wearing is ineffective and even downright dangerous to the health of adolescents, expecting mothers, and fetuses, it is only fair to ask whether those who shamed others for refusing to comply with unscientific mask mandates were victims of groupthink.  Moreover, we must also ask if those who marched in lockstep with the mask-wearing brigade insisting doing so was no big deal were merely yearning for social acceptance.

The time has also come to cast a critical eye on parents, school administrators, and teachers who insisted their offspring wear masks for upwards of 8 hours per day at school.  Though it is often said that only mental midgets insist on exclaiming, “I told you so!” after being vindicated, the moral of this story is that the human species is inclined to blindly obey those in authority.

Our hope is that people will learn from the COVID-19 mask mandate failure and refuse to comply when similar situations inevitably arise in the future.

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