mRNA COVID shots are result of U.S. military program run by DARPA, evidence reveals

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mrna-vax-is-part-of-a-military-program(NaturalHealth365)  Few people know that United States taxpayers fund a $51 billion Pentagon black budget for secret tech projects.  Even fewer people are aware that the internet is the result of taxpayer spending.  Back in the late 1960s, a taxpayer-funded entity called DARPA, short for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, planted the seeds of what we now know as the internet.

Fast forward to 2022, and DARPA is again in the spotlight, this time for operating the military program that created mRNA COVID shots.  Contrary to popular opinion, drugmakers such as Pfizer and Moderna did not develop mRNA vax shots.  Though such corporate entities refined the process of mass producing the shot, DARPA’s military program laid the groundwork.

SHOCKING: U.S. Military is behind the COVID-19 mRNA injection program, evidence suggests

DARPA launched its messenger RNA program one decade ago.  The program aimed to develop injections with gene encoding with the overarching intention of halting a potentially deadly worldwide pandemic in two months or less.  In other words, the COVID shots were not developed at the “speed of science”; instead, they have roots dating back to 2012.  Most readers will also be surprised to learn that Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a means of shifting tech to the military instead of the public.

EUA’s first-ever broad-based application to everyday people was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.  This may explain why the FDA doesn’t appear to have control over the pandemic response effort, as the mRNA shots are the direct result of DARPA spending.

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Is the entire COVID-19 pandemic response nothing more than a facade?

If the fact that a somewhat secret military research wing of DARPA is responsible for the creation of mRNA shots gives you pause, you are not alone!  It is becoming increasingly clear that the supposed logic behind creating mRNA tech is inherently flawed as more information about the covert origins of the injection program comes to light.  The startling truth is DARPA geeks, and Big Pharma are playing Russian roulette with the public.

Alternative sources of media on the web make it clear that sudden deaths soared immediately after the mRNA injection program began.  Myocarditis, menstrual cycle interruptions, and reduced fertility are additional examples of the litany of adverse health outcomes resulting from this horrible agenda.  Physicians who have a commitment to the truth admit that mRNA technology is unsafe.  Though such physicians are putting their professional reputations on the line and sometimes putting their lives at risk, the truth about the mRNA shot origins and latent purpose must be told.

The future of humanity is at stake

It is clear that DARPA, Big Tech, and Big Pharma are working together to create a dystopian future characterized by an authoritarian rule that hijacks bodily autonomy, thought autonomy, and civil liberties.  Though few know it, nanoparticles can be added to mRNA shots, paving a path for autocrats to control human bodies and minds.  The use of mRNA tech in the form of the shot is a dry run for even more authoritative social control programs.

It’s time for humanity to unite and:

  • Stop transhumanism in its tracks, unmasking it as a latent attempt to control people as opposed to a quest for immortality
  • Ban the use of mRNA and Neural Link technologies, ultimately preserving human autonomy
  • Prevent DARPA and Big Government from shifting the human experience (and the economy) to the internet via nanotechnology and virtual reality, both of which can be used as species “kill switches”

So, the question remains: what do you think?  Will there be a happy ending to this dystopian future unfolding right before our eyes?

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