mRNA COVID shots may turn human cells into long-term spike protein factories, scientists warn

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human-cells-altered(NaturalHealth365)  Big Pharma’s jab narrative extolls the supposed virtue of messenger RNA technology, commonly referred to as mRNA.  The tandem of Big Pharma and Big Government has brainwashed the masses into believing that mRNA succeeds in “stimulating” the immune system to combat COVID-19, ultimately preventing negative health outcomes, including death.

However, a recent study has determined that Moderna and Pfizer mRNA jabs are rife with billions of nanoparticles consisting of self-replicating DNA that can potentially convert human cells into factories that produce the virus’s destructive spike protein.

Spike proteins in COVID jabs are far from harmless, despite what Big Pharma has been telling you

The study referenced above shows mRNA shots from Big Pharma convert human cells into spike protein generators, ultimately worsening the human condition with each successive jab.  The jab’s spike protein proves persistent in the months after injection.  In short, the jab’s mRNA is transcribed directly into the recipient’s cellular DNA.

The spike protein is persistent to the point that it worsens the negative health outcomes from the virus itself as well as the side effects of Big Pharma injections. In addition, the jab’s protein triggers a destructive autoimmune attack on vitally important bodily organs, including the heart.  This startling observation was made by Medicinal Genomics’ Dr. Kevin McKernan’s deep sequencing analysis of mRNA jabs.

The role of plasmids in mRNA shots

McKernan and his research team determined that clot shots are laden with harmful biological agents called plasmids.  Plasmids are best described as tiny DNA molecules in a circular shape capable of copying inside human beings and cells when such plasmids are adequately altered for use in gene expression.

Plasmids within Big Pharma injections are rife with DNA that encodes for mRNA technology, ultimately generating the spike as mentioned above protein.  The cell that takes in plasmids can generate infinite spike proteins.  Pfizer’s injection contained one plasmid for every 350 molecules of mRNA.  Moderna’s COVID shot contained a single plasmid for every 3,000 molecules of mRNA.

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The European Medicines Agency set the tolerable level for the DNA as mentioned above contaminants at a single part for every 3,000 molecules of mRNA.  However, there is some justifiable criticism of how such a standard was set.  If the standard is accurate, Pfizer’s shot exceeds it by a multiple of 10.

We would be remiss not to mention that the plasmids referenced above can replicate several times after injection into hosts.  There is also concern that the plasmids alter the body’s gut microbiome through heightened antibiotic resistance.

Will the immune system defeat the spike protein?

In an ideal world, the cells that express the protein spike and carry vectors will be thwarted by the body’s immune system.  However, if tolerance develops after extensive exposure to the spike protein’s toxicity, removal might not be possible.

Furthermore, there is also the potential for the spike protein residue-generating cells to hold strong for years or even decades, gradually compromising the organs and tissues essential for biological functionality.  If you feel like you’ve been harmed by any COVID injection, seek the help of a qualified, integrative physician with experience in detoxification and the immune system.

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