Original Pfizer and Moderna COVID shots “no longer authorized for use in the United States,” FDA declares

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original-covid-shots(NaturalHealth365)  On December 11, 2020, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the green light for the first-ever COVID-19 jab.  After relentless coercion, mandates, and guilt-tripping to get shots into the arms of millions of Americans, here we are three years later, and the original Moderna and Pfizer jabs are no longer allowed for use in the country.

The FDA’s press release stated that the original Moderna and Pfizer jabs are no longer authorized for use.  The three-letter agency’s decision was made via an alteration to the controversial Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) applicable to the COVID-19 jabs.

FDA amends EUA for COVID shots, declares original monovalent mRNA jabs no longer authorized

The FDA’s amendment to the EUA states the bivalent jabs must be used in all doses administered moving forward.  The amendment removed authorization for the continued use of the monovalent doses.  The shift also includes approval for using the bivalent jabs for omicron BA.4 and BA.5 strains for individuals 6 months and up, including an extra dose or several extra doses for specific age cohorts.

The FDA encourages most of those who were previously jabbed with the monovalent shot and had not yet received a bivalent jab to receive a single bivalent shot.  It is also worth noting the majority of those who already had a dose of the bivalent jab are not eligible for a subsequent dose.  However, seniors aged 65+ with one dose of the bivalent jab can receive another four months after the first bivalent shot.

Why did the FDA make this controversial decision now?

The FDA’s supposed logic supporting the amendment was to “simplify” the jab process, insisting the move would facilitate a more efficient and effective jab schedule.  However, critical thinkers are justifiably questioning the timing of the decision.

One must wonder about the actual reason behind the decision to remove authorization for the original mRNA products government agencies pushed so hard on the American people for years.  Many question the official reasoning.  Let’s remember; it was only a short while ago when people became societal outcasts for refusing to take these injections.  The original shots destroyed countless lives, causing horrific adverse events and sudden deaths of a catastrophic number of people.  The harm is apparent, yet, the FDA has done nothing but cover up for Big Pharma.

What do you think has brought about the sudden change?  Why did the FDA go to such great lengths to conceal data that showed the immense harm caused by the experimental injections?  Let us know your thoughts on the FDA’s decision to conveniently pull back authorization for the original shots in favor of pushing the bivalent jabs.

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