NEW evidence: People receiving the COVID shot can shed graphene-like substance, destroying blood cells of uninjected

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graphene(NaturalHealth365)  Most people are shocked to learn the human body has 724 trillion cells.  Of those tiny structures, blood cells are crucial.  Evidence now reveals that the COVID-19 shot transmits a substance similar to graphene, eliminating essential blood cells.

Though the human body replaces its cells once every seven years, physicians and scientists are concerned that the coronavirus shots cause lasting damage and even sudden death.

Doctor claims COVID shot causes cellular damage and blood clots in uninjected due to shedding of graphene-like substance

Doctors have proven that the COVID injection is shedding a substance similar to graphene, ultimately compromising cellular structure, forming unexpected blood clots, and causing premature death.  One of those doctors, Dr. Philippe van Welbergen, has demonstrated how the shot’s graphene expands into sizable fibers and other structures, developing magnetism and, in some cases, electrical charges.

The evidence was set forth in a series of blood samples derived from injected and uninjected populations.  When further analyzed, the structures reveal unexpected complexity, including striations, meaning diminutive lines or scratches similar to those on the surfaces of rocks.  The result is damage to the body’s essential blood cells.

Dr. Philippe first demonstrated his heroic irreverence for convention in the summer of 2021 when he gave a painfully honest interview on South Africa’s Loving Life TV.  During this interview, the physician explained how his patients endured cognitive challenges, chronic fatigue, and vertigo after receiving Big Pharma’s injection.

Some patients even suffered paralysis.  Ensuing blood samples revealed oddly-shaped structures similar to small cylinders, some of which had cellular damage.  Dr. Philippe was shocked to find that his ailing patients had precious few healthy cells remaining.

The tubular structures turned out to be graphene that likely shed from the COVID injection.  Fast forward to the winter of 2022, and Dr. Philippe reappeared on the TV station to present images of blood samples on slides.  The segment highlighted 100+ blood samples from both injected and uninjected individuals.

Shockingly, the graphene shed from the COVID shot was large enough to block off blood flow within capillaries.

What about post-injection magnetism?

Dr. Philippe’s deep dive into the cellular structure of injected patients found the shot is powerful enough to create a magnetic effect on the graphene structures’ sides.  The resulting polarity has become much more prevalent as time progressed, indicating a latent effect after receiving the COVID shot.  As time passes, the injection’s graphene fibers interact with nearby blood cells, creating an electric charge or magnetism that leads to a litany of adverse health outcomes.

The doctor also testifies that blood samples from the uninjected offspring of injected parents also contain graphene shards resulting from shedding.  The message is clear: if you have not been injected, receiving the shots is not in your interest.  In particular, those open to the idea of reproducing should heed the civil libertarians’ call to action and passionately protest against shot mandates to protect the future of the species.

Why is the COVID shot shedding graphene?

It is possible that Big Pharma might have intentionally designed the mRNA shots to eliminate blood cells, cause clotting, and have a slew of adverse outcomes, including sudden death.  The worst-case scenario is a collaboration between Big Pharma, Big Government, and a secretive power elite cabal with the overarching aim of population reduction through seemingly benevolent COVID shots.

The ultimate question is simple: do you really trust that the federal government has your best (health) interest in mind?  And, if they do, why don’t they ever offer natural solutions to improve immune function and keep us safe from harm?

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