Here is how Big Pharma profits from the pain and suffering it causes

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big-pharma-profits-from-pain-and-suffering(NaturalHealth365)  When it comes to the ongoing COVID pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry’s financial motive is the elephant in the room.  Everyone knows these corporations operate to maximize profit, yet few seem willing to highlight the industry’s inherent conflict of interest.  The irony is that Big Pharma is profiting by causing pain and suffering.

Movie fans will remember John Travolta’s character of Vincent Vega injecting Uma Thurman’s character of Mia Wallace with a syringe filled with adrenaline to restart her failing heart.  The iconic scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction now rings true in the context of Big Pharma and the ongoing pandemic.  As detailed below, Moderna recently announced it is creating an mRNA injection to be jabbed directly into the hearts of heart attack victims.

Moderna begins clinical trials of a new mRNA shot for heart attack patients

Many people question whether Moderna’s intention to develop an mRNA shot to be injected directly into the heart of heart attack and heart failure patients is truly for the good of humanity.  Critical thinkers suspect that the new drug is just part of a cleverly thought-out sales funnel as a logical next step designed to maximize profits by offering a “solution” to the thousands of COVID vax-injured patients.  Those in agreement with the latter point of view are convinced that Big Pharma’s COVID shots cause cardiac arrests, myocarditis, seizures, blood disorders, and irregular periods by design.

Or is it a mere coincidence that Moderna is tirelessly working on creating treatments for heart attacks and blood disorders?  Factor in Pfizer’s purchase of a blood therapeutics specialist along with Johnson & Johnson’s acquisition of a business that develops heart pumps, and there is even more reason for concern.

What makes Big Pharma’s business model so evil?

Though the powers that be are quick to kneel at the altar of Big Pharma and insist corporations that develop medications and shots act in the public’s interest, the truth is the exact opposite.  Embrace cognitive dissonance, and you’ll understand that Big Pharma directly benefits from the ongoing COVID pandemic.  The industry’s top shill, Dr. Anthony Fauci, allegedly spearheaded gain of function research in Wuhan labs and elsewhere, using American taxpayer dollars to spur the creation of the virus thought to cause COVID-19.

The seemingly intentional creation of the virus set the stage for Big Pharma’s everlasting success.  The industry framed its power players as benevolent with the development of the COVID shot, making money from the reaction to the problem and also the solution to the side effects of the heart attack-inducing clot shot.  It seems as though the more health problems the general public experiences, the more Big Pharma’s bottom line expands.

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The latest push for an annual COVID shot in perpetuity creates a golden opportunity for the industry’s power players to line their pockets while simultaneously developing profitable treatments for the side effects caused by the shot.

Will Moderna’s new drug be a net negative for humanity?

The Moderna heart attack injection encodes for a hormone referred to as relaxin for blood flow stimulation.  The shot functions by instructing cells within the heart to create a hormone that catalyzes blood flow, helping to enhance heart muscles that suffered damage.

Patients are provided with the injection through an initial trial to analyze dosage levels.  The shot relies on the same tech as the COVID injection, yet only time will tell if it proves effective in the weeks and months following a heart attack.

If the heart attack injection is anything like Moderna’s COVID shot, it will be guaranteed to be a net negative to humanity, ultimately creating more health problems than it allegedly solves.  Stay tuned as more details are revealed in the weeks ahead.

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