Pfizer’s confidential document unveils 1.6 million adverse events across multiple organ systems

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pfizer-covid-shot(NaturalHealth365)  If you could turn back time to the last day of 2021, you would find the percentage of adverse events for the Pfizer jab was reported as 0.109%.  This percentage equates to 323,185 adverse event cases reported out of 296,860,831 jabs.

Fast forward to the summer of 2023, and the media is now reporting Pfizer’s confidential documents that quantify a whopping 1.6 million adverse events.  Dig deep into the pharmaceutical company’s released documents, and you’ll find those adverse events occurred in nearly every organ in the human body.

Pfizer has some explaining to do now that the dangers of the jab have been revealed

Pfizer’s confidential document shows millions of severe and sometimes debilitating adverse events occurred in the organs of innocent people who rolled up their sleeves for what the media promised to be a safe injection.  However, the mainstream media refuses to cover this story, partially because the European Medicines Agency formally requested the documents in question.  This group serves as the drug regulator of the European Union.  Though the European media has touched on the startling information revealed in the Pfizer documents, it appears the rest of the world has turned a blind eye to the unsettling corporate admission.

Read through the Pfizer documents obtained by the European Medicines Agency, and you’ll find the pharmaceutical powerhouse was aware of the dangers posed by the jab early in the injection program.  As an example, a document from the summer of 2022 reveals Pfizer understood the jab injury scope, finding more than half a million adverse events reported in individual cases, along with nearly 1,600,000 other “events” of concern after injection.

Quantifying the severity of the Pfizer adverse reactions

The Pfizer documents reveal that one-third of all the adverse events were considered serious.  This percentage is concerning as it is significantly higher than the tolerated safety signal standard of around 15%.  It is also worth noting that female patients who received the jab were 300% more likely to suffer an adverse event than their male counterparts.  Nearly two-thirds of the adverse events reported either had a “not recovered” qualifier added to the patient progress report or lacked a known outcome.

Continue reading through the eyebrow-raising report, and you’ll find the most adverse events occurred in those between the ages of 31 and 50, of which more than 90% lacked comorbidities.  This high percentage indicates that it was the Pfizer jab, as opposed to personal health problems, that caused the sudden injury.

The nearly 400-page document reveals Pfizer employees recorded 10,000 diagnosis categories, including some with considerable severity.  The company knew that more than 73,500 cases of more than 260 categories of vascular disorders resulted from the injections.  Moreover, the shots spurred nearly 700,000 nervous system disorders, 47,000 ear disorders, and over 15,000 tinnitus cases.  The jab resulted in almost a quarter million tissue and skin disorders.  All in all, nearly 200,000 respiratory diseases occurred after injection.

Pfizer has finally been exposed for who they really are…

The writing is clearly on the wall for everyone to see.  Pfizer is a profit-only driven company focused on injecting the population with experimental shots that destroy human health.

It is time for Congress to admit the jab program was a grave mistake, defund additional booster jabs and make Pfizer and other pharmaceutical corporations legally liable for damages causally related to the injections.

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