Holistic solutions for physical pain

Holistic solutions for physical pain
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(NaturalHealth365) A huge study, by the Mayo Clinic, looked at over 140,000 patients – between 2005 and 2009 – to find out why (exactly) people went to see a doctor. Initially, you might think that heart disease and cancer would top the list, but that’s not it. Believe it or not, skin disorders were number one – followed by physical pain, usually caused by osteoarthritis or back pain.

The main point is this: Many of these health problems are treatable (and avoidable) without the need for toxic medications or risky surgical procedures. Yet, sadly, most people exposed to conventional medicine are never given effective holistic solutions for their health problems.

Learn how to eliminate chronic pain – without drugs or surgery. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, David Hanscom, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, reveals his 5 step healing program – which has helped hundreds of patients to avoid back surgery and live life pain free. Find out how emotional trauma can cause physical pain; why suppressed emotions threaten your health plus much more.

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Physical pain is a big moneymaker for the pharmaceutical industry

In the United States alone, the vast majority of the adult population experience some form of physical pain – especially back pain – at a total cost to society of $560 – $635 billion, every year. This staggering figure equates to about $2,000.00 for everyone living in the U.S. To make matters worse, Western medicine continues to push highly addictive substances like oxycodone or hydrocodone – which are found in drugs like, OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin and Lortab – while at the same time, never addressing the true cause of physical pain.

This may surprise you: Did you know that back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under 45 years of age? Those that suffer with low back pain are often in poor physical (and emotional) health. Of course, this leads to obesity and depression – which only increases the profits of the drug makers. This pattern must stop.

As an expert in exercise science, I have literally seen thousands of people fully recover from painful situations without the need for drugs or surgery. Good (unprocessed) foods and lifestyle habits can reduce inflammation, restore range of motion, improve blood circulation and eliminate the cause of pain – quickly and effectively.

Is your pain connected to your mental attitude or emotions?

If the standard medical tests, like an x-ray or MRI, do NOT reveal a serious structural problem, then you are most likely experiencing ‘Mind Body Syndrome’ (MBS) or ‘Tension Myositis Syndrome’ (TMS). In other words, if there is no evidence of nerve damage; change in muscle strength or sensation in the arms or legs – you probably have MBS/TMS. So, you may be wondering, ‘why should I get an MRI?

Eugene Carragee, M.D. of the Stanford University School of Medicine has said that ‘MRI’s should be used to rule out infections, cancer or fractures; but patients (and doctors) should expect to find common degenerative changes.’ Just remember, MRI’s are NOT often useful predictors of low back pain or the solution.

A warning for you: Surgeons often suggest back or neck surgery when ineffective ‘conservative measures’ (heat, ice, physical therapy or massage) have failed. But most conventionally-trained surgeons fail to appreciate that, in many cases, neck and back pain, migraine and repetitive stress injuries can be as a result of repressed (harmful) emotions.

On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Dr. David Hanscom talk about the underlying mental/emotional issues surrounding chronic pain. So, before you schedule a surgical procedure – you may want to hear this program, which offers highly-effective (non-invasive) holistic solutions for chronic pain.

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This week’s guest: David Hanscom, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon – operates only as a last resort

Learn more about a simple, 5-step process to eliminate pain naturally without surgery – Sun. Jun. 7

David A. Hanscom, M.D. is an orthopedic spine surgeon who specializes in complex spinal surgery. He performs operations for scoliosis, kyphosis, and spondylolisthesis in adults and children. He also deals with fractures, infections, tumors, and patients who have had prior failed spine surgery.

With nearly 30 years of medical practice, Dr. Hanscom has learned that only identifiable structural problems with matching symptoms respond to surgery. Currently, a large part of his practice is to salvage situations in which patients have undergone multiple failed attempts at surgery. In fact, a consistent theme is that the first operation should never have been done.

Discover a non-surgical approach for chronic pain. Pain is always perceived in the brain. This show examines the importance of ‘calming down’ the central nervous system and a unique approach toward developing new pathways – within the nervous system – to eliminate pain. Join us for an important program.

Jonathan LandsmanAbout the author: Jonathan Landsman is the host of NaturalHealth365.com, the NaturalNews Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show and the NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE – a monthly subscription to the brightest minds in natural health and healing.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host – Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic (non-GMO) diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits including exercise and meditation.



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