Discover 5 powerful home remedies for a sore throat

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powerful-home-remedies(NaturalHealth365)  A sore throat is an unpleasant and painful symptom that normally is the first stage of a variety of health issues.  For example, colds, flu, viral infections, and the drainage associated with allergies can cause sore throat pain.  Of course, for many people, going to the doctor isn’t such a pleasant experience, as well.

Thankfully, there are many home remedies that have been in use for hundreds of years that will relieve your pain.  And, yes, many of these ingredients can easily be found inside your home.

Try THESE simple home remedies that work like a charm

Even though many people believe that homemade chicken soup is an old wives’ tale, it is quite beneficial for a sore throat when made correctly and with the freshest ingredients.  Making soup stock by boiling a couple of chicken breasts keeps the natural oils and nutrients in the base.

Add a small amount of onion and a sliced-up carrot or two, and you have the makings of healthy soup that will soothe your throat and boost your immune system in the process. If you want a little texture, mix in some cooked rice or noodles and add some shredded chicken back into the pot.

Of course, if you don’t want to eat chicken soup, you can try some slippery elm or licorice root tea.

 A powerful virus-fighter often overlooked by doctors

Olive leaf extract is one of nature’s most potent antivirals.  It blocks a virus’ ability to replicate or reproduce.  The antimicrobial and antioxidant properties boost the body’s own support mechanisms.  Phagocytosis occurs when the immune cells (or phagocytes) surround and start to attack the pathogens, causing your sore throat pain.

When taken at the earliest signs of a sore throat, olive leaf extract can clear away discomfort much faster.  Olive leaf extract is considered one of the most effective natural remedies available, yet many doctors and other medical professionals tend to overlook it.

Boost the body’s immune system naturally

Zinc is one of the most powerful nutrients in nature when strengthening soft tissues and shortening the duration of unwanted symptoms.  Contrary to what doctors may say about using home remedies, zinc is one of many home remedies that have been proven to work.

When combined with vitamins B and C, it offers the body what it needs to heal without the harsh side effects of conventional “therapies.”  Keep in mind, if you’re not sure how much to take … be sure to talk to an integrative healthcare provider or health coach.

Taking these two herbal remedies can do wonders for your health

Echinacea and goldenseal are the dynamic duo of herbal remedies.  Both are effective as antibacterials, but it’s the goldenseal’s antiviral properties that make them so beneficial when it comes to treating sore throats.  Taking this particular blend of herbs immediately after you begin to feel the first signs of a sore throat will cut the duration of the virus by days.

Like the antibiotics that your doctor prescribes, these herbs will destroy unwanted pathogens causing your symptoms without disrupting the delicate balance in your gut.

Give your body what it needs to fight off viruses

Vitamin C has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective nutrients when it comes to fighting off ugly symptoms.  In addition to supplements, it’s a good idea to consume organic foods that contain an abundance of vitamin C.

Cherry juice, papayas, and strawberries offer an abundance of vitamin C without increasing mucus production.  Even though oranges and tomatoes are rich in C, they may cause the body to produce extra mucus which can cause sore throats to worsen.  Eating fresh cherries, strawberries, and papaya will soothe your sore throat and give your body what it needs to feel better fast.

If you start to notice the first signs of a sore throat, be proactive and start taking control of the situation.

Remember, some of the best medicine you will ever find is already in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  Nature provides us with what we need to take care of many of our most common problems, in spite of what many medical professionals might try to tell us.

So, take advantage of some of your grandmother’s old home remedies.  You might just find out that you feel better much sooner and are able to get back into your routine in just a couple of days instead of a week or more.

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