Is science trying to “BASH” your banana smoothie? Read between the lines for the truth

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smoothie-secrets-that-impact-your-health(NaturalHealth365)  There are few things as easy to make – or as delicious – as an organic smoothie (with fruit added) to raise your energy levels.  In fact, not only are smoothies delicious, but they’re also very healthy for you.

But, have you ever considered that the individual fruits you choose for your smoothie may affect the health benefits of your breakfast or post-exercise drink?  A recent study suggests that the fruit contents of your smoothie may decrease the overall health benefits.

The study focuses on the absorption rate of flavan-3-ols, a type of flavonoid that has a myriad of potential health benefits.  And, the question is: are bananas throwing a wrench in the works of your smoothies?  Read carefully (below, until the end) and we’ll let you decide.

Cracking the flavan-3-ols code: The impact of smoothie ingredients on your health

Flavan-3-ols are flavonoids that are present in tea and many other plant products.  They have potential positive health benefits for inflammation, cardiovascular health, mental well-being, and other potential positive effects.

Many protein powders and other smoothie bases have additional flavonoids included, but there are polyphenol oxidases that may reduce the presence and efficacy of these flavonoids.

Essentially, even though flavan-3-ols are often abundant in fruit smoothies, the type of fruits you use can alter the amount of flavonoids you absorb into your cells.

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Should you really avoid adding bananas to your smoothie?

The study looked at participants between the ages of 25 and 60.  There were two primary parts to the study and a follow-up.  In the first part of the study, all participants were given 250 ml of water to ensure proper hydration across all participants, and then their blood was taken for markers of the intended flavonoids.

Then the participants were given the same blend of extracted flavan-3-ols with varying smoothie bases, including yogurt, almond milk, and water.  In addition to the differentiation between smoothie bases, one group was given banana, and the other group was not.

Finally, after the study had run, blood levels were tested again.  While all three groups had increased levels of the target flavonoids in their blood, the banana group had a lower amount.  The study suggests that the polyphenol oxidases in bananas negatively altered the body’s ability to absorb flavan-3-ols.

But, wait, don’t get rid of your bananas … here’s why

This study presents an intriguing perspective, suggesting that adding bananas to your smoothie has a “lower benefit” compared to other fruits like, blueberries.  But, is the difference really worth being concerned about?

It’s essential to view this study within the broader context of fruit smoothies’ overall healthfulness.  In this study, it’s very important to understand that all participants still reaped nutritional gains, emphasizing the inherent health benefits of smoothies that use bananas or any other type of fruit.

Moreover, the merits of bananas extend far beyond the one specific metric mentioned in the study above.  They play a significant role in supporting stable blood sugar levels, bolstering digestive and heart health, and even aiding in weight management.  But the advantages don’t stop there.  Bananas also contribute to satiety and post-exercise recovery, making them a valuable addition to a balanced diet.

Keep in mind, we published this article because we know there are many nutritionists out there that may read a study like this and conclude that bananas are “bad.”  And, nothing could be further from the truth!

If your only “goal” is to maximize the flavan-3-ols absorption rate of your next smoothie, you might want to explore berry-based recipes.  Otherwise, we at NaturalHealth365 suggest there’s nothing to worry about – when it comes to putting a banana into your next smoothie.  Just be sure to mix it up and make your smoothies in a variety of ways, just like you should vary your overall diet.

Remember, eating healthy is not complicated … pick out delicious (organic) ingredients and enjoy the process of learning what works best for you.

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