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12 ways anthocyanins lower risk for chronic disease


(NaturalHealth365) Anthocyanins are a group of natural plant pigments found in vividly colored fruits and vegetables in the red/orange or purple/blue color spectrum. Produced in plants to protect against harsh temperatures, drought, ultraviolet light and infection, these flavonoids can offer powerful health benefits to humans as well. Researchers are crediting anthocyanins with a laundry list of disease-fighting effects – including ... Read More »

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Lower the risk of diabetes by eating berries


(NaturalHealth365) Around one in ten persons in the United States now has diabetes, and many more have elevated blood sugar levels and prediabetes symptoms. However, eating more berries and receiving the benefits of their health-promoting anthocyanins and flavonoids is proving to be a powerful step toward avoiding this disease. Anthocyanins are the colorful pigments found in plant components such as ... Read More »

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Berries are bursting with cancer protective properties


(NaturalHealth365) While we always sensed they were good for us, scientific research is proving that berries are extremely beneficial in helping to prevent cancer. The benefits of strawberries and other berries are many, including their high content of protective antioxidants that shield cells from the damage that can lead to cancer. Berries also have positive effects upon genes associated with ... Read More »

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Berries lower risk of parkinson’s disease


(NaturalHealth365) There are new reveling findings about the power of fruits and vegetables. New research shows men and women who consume berries on a regular basis may have a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Research A study was presented by the American Academy of Neurology’s at their 63rd Annual Meeting in Honolulu. The study involved 49,281 men and 80,336 ... Read More »

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