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Detoxification mistakes to avoid


(NaturalHealth365) In today’s world, toxins are all around us – making detoxification essential for optimal health.  For example, an estimated 3 million tons of pesticides enter the environment thanks to conventional farming practices – every year. In addition, there are about 475 toxic chemicals within a typical woman’s daily personal care products. From household cleaners to indoor air pollution to ... Read More »

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Water contamination in Michigan: Residents get lead poisoning


(NaturalHealth365) The horrific harms brought about to the human body as a result of lead poisoning – toxicity to the heart, bones, kidneys, intestines, and reproductive and nervous systems, along with learning and behavior disorders – are well-documented. In fact, lead poisoning was one of the first, and most widely studied, environmental hazards, going all the way back to 2nd ... Read More »

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Avoiding cancer and other diseases with natural regeneration methods


(NaturalHealth365) Highly processed foods are known to make up at least 70 percent of the American diet. More than 20 percent of the nation’s water treatment systems failed key provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act and those that passed, continue to pump impurities like fluoride into tap water. More than 80,000 chemicals, at use in the United States, have ... Read More »

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