Avoiding cancer and other diseases with natural regeneration methods

Avoiding cancer and other diseases with natural regeneration methods
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(NaturalHealth365) Highly processed foods are known to make up at least 70 percent of the American diet. More than 20 percent of the nation’s water treatment systems failed key provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act and those that passed, continue to pump impurities like fluoride into tap water. More than 80,000 chemicals, at use in the United States, have never been fully tested to determine their toxic effects on health and environment.

Eliminate the threat of cancer: Discover how toxicity influences your cancer risk; what you can do to regenerate the body, mind and spirit; and how to strengthen the immune system on the next NaturalHealth365 Talk Hour with Jonathan Landsman and his guest, Dr. Michael Clarjen-Arconada.

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Toxicity is at the core of cancer and other human diseases

The idiom, “You are what you eat,” rings true, as the quality of our health is tightly bound to the quality of food and water consumed, which in turn is often reliant on our environment. Food, plants and water all have medicinal properties when it comes to preventing cancer and other disease. The key to optimal health is commitment to a personal program of pure water, unprocessed foods and avoidance of toxins. When that commitment becomes multiplied across society, a global program for optimal health becomes achievable.

There is a profound link between illness and the toxicity (and breakdown) of our environment. Cancer and other diseases can be summed up as an equation of multiple factors: biological, psychological and spiritual. These three contributors to health are all operating at various levels of functionality and are subject to a variety of influences.

On the next NaturalHealth365 Talk Hour, you’ll discover how regeneration can improve gastrointestinal health and boost immune function. Find out what a personal health program looks like and discover a way to bring the body back to life.

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This is why Western medicine will never successfully heal a sick population

One of the immense drawbacks of most approaches by modern medicine is that there is little acknowledgement of the relationship between physical, emotional and mental factors. Instead, treatment narrowly targets either a biological condition or a psychological one, while the spiritual influence is left out entirely or at the very least, left for the patient to discover – on their own.

Acknowledging the need for whole body, mind and spirit regeneration – and the necessity of addressing these various health-impacting factors in a comprehensive manner – leads to an effective personal health program. As part of that program, both the removal and avoidance of toxic elements and parasites is essential.

According to Dr. Clarjen-Arconada, this can take the form of a series of “clean ups.” These steps include consuming nothing but clean, pure water; maintaining proper oral health, with the use of only nontoxic/nonreactive materials; nurturing the body only with clean, unprocessed food and ridding the entire home of toxic cleaning, beauty and healthcare products.

This week’s guest: Dr. Michael Clarjen-Arconada, author and doctor of natural biological medicine

Discover a natural way to regenerate the body and protect your health- Sun. Jan. 17

Dr. Clarjen-Arconada came to the United States with a Fulbright Scholarship to research fundamental causes of illness and optimal regeneration sequences. A published author, he has over 30 years of experience working on fundamental issues of Natural Biological Medicine, including self-regeneration processes and self-regulation methodologies. Dr. Clarjen-Arconada has taught at Long Island University, and has led numerous workshops and seminars throughout Europe and the U.S.

Dumbed-down and ineffective: Conventionally-trained physicians only know how to diagnosis and ‘treat’ disease AFTER it has occurred. But, holistically-minded healthcare providers use individualized protocols – as part of an overall, comprehensive personal health program focused on protecting optimal health. On the next NaturalHealth365 Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Michael Clarjen-Arconada, published author and leader in the field of Natural Biological Medicine will talk about the profound link between illness and toxicity plus how to use self-regeneration methods to improve health and wellbeing.

Jonathan LandsmanAbout the author: Jonathan Landsman is the host of NaturalHealth365.com, the NaturalNews Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show and the NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE – a monthly subscription to the brightest minds in natural health and healing.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host – Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic (non-GMO) diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits including exercise and meditation.

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