Study finds association between childhood vaccination and the onset of neuropsychiatric disorders

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vaccination-study(NaturalHealth365) A study conducted as a joint effort between the Yale University School of Medicine and the Penn State University College of Medicine recently examined the relationship between childhood vaccination and vaccine side effects. Specifically, a epidemiologic analysis was conducted to look at vaccination, neuropsychiatry and the likelihood of developing various neurological disorders.

The conditions searched for in the analysis included OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), anxiety disorders, anorexia nervosa (AN), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), major depressive disorder, chronic tic disorder and bipolar disorder.

Alarming links found between vaccination and OCD, anorexia nervosa and anxiety disorders

The study was conducted using insurance claims data to assess a national sample of privately insured children that were 6 to 15 years old. The researchers looked for connections between vaccinations and various neuropsychiatric disorders. They also looked for two unrelated conditions as a control – open wounds and broken bones. Study subjects and controls were matched according to parameters such as gender, age and geographical location.

Specific vaccination types including those for meningitis, the flu and hepatitis A and B were found to have a significant association with numerous chronic conditions identified by neuropsychiatry, including OCD, anorexia nervosa and chronic tic disorder.

There was a particularly strong link between vaccination and the eating disorder anorexia nervosa within 3 months of getting the shot. Influenza vaccinations were also found to be linked with the neuropsychiatry conditions of OCD, anorexia nervosa and anxiety disorders when they were administered within 3 to 12 months of the diagnosis.

Vaccine side effects now include laundry list of neuropsychiatric disorders

Receiving the hepatitis A vaccine was found to raise the risk of both OCD and anorexia nervosa, while hepatitis B raised anorexia nervosa risk. A meningitis vaccination was found to increase the risk of both anorexia nervosa and chronic tic disorder.

This epidemiologic analysis – the first of its kind – shows that numerous conditions identified by neuropsychiatry seem to be caused or exacerbated by receiving various common vaccine types. Additional research is required to explore these links in more detail, but they nonetheless add to the mountain of vaccine side effects that should give everyone pause before just blindly getting a vaccination.

Vaccine side effects especially harmful to children

This study was focused on the possible link between meningitis, influenza and hepatitis A and B vaccinations and the neuropsychiatry conditions of OCD, anorexia nervosa, chronic tic disorder, ADHD, major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder. However, the list of vaccine side effects extends to numerous other areas of health. Inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disorders and narcolepsy have also been associated with vaccines.

With autism rates in children now at 1 in 68, early childhood vaccines should continue to be questioned and studied. While in some cases vaccines can be valuable in disease prevention, the list of potential vaccine side effects simply cannot be ignored.

Bottom line: the current study results underscore the need for public awareness and continued research on vaccine safety and efficacy.

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  • Caroll Harper

    If we focus on conditions and not the cause we will be drawing a blank. Deriving insights into the cause of the many conditions named in this article means proceeding to look at vaccines. We do have the leverage to force government agencies do the job they were meant to do. In fact the agencies were created just for the purpose of protecting us from corporate overreach. We have the real power, because it is our pocketbooks, which fund both the pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. No more vaccines without transparency.

    • AutismDadd

      That’s been twisted around. Gov agencies now protect them from us.

  • lus1234

    Dr Landsman, (and everybody in the comments section) why do you not have any articles on this?? This is a real formal white house petition for a 5 year moratorium on vaccines
    https://petitions.whitehouse. gov/petition/call-five-year-childhood-vaccination-moratorium
    or go to
    natural news dot com article from august 5 2017: “White House petition demands moratorium…” and click the link in the comments section, not the article.
    Thank you
    signatures really do count in this petition unlike the fluff petition websites

    • Truth4All

      Yes, if Big Pharma doesn’t monkey with it to keep the real results hidden.
      Thanks for putting that up!
      I read Mike’s article last night. We are on fire here. Congressman Posey should be getting emails and calls from A LOT of people to not let this die.
      It is them OR US.

  • Truth4All

    127 vaccines up for approval before the FDA, isn’t it? Or probably more.
    What is wrong that everyone under the sun isn’t yelling and screaming at their Rep. and Senators about this, I do not know. I am preaching to do so here and on NN ALL THE TIME. What are people afraid of. If we do not fill in even the staffers and the interns that answer the phone… we are not going to get this changed.

  • AutismDadd

    There it is in a nutshell. Vaccines cause neurological disorders.

  • AutismDadd

    Its experimental science, something we need, but we need replacement ideas for vaccines. Reverting to pox parties and just look after the serious cases w/o the vaccination.