CENSORED: NaturalHealth365 video removed by YouTube at record speed

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censored-video(NaturalHealth365) Have you been paying attention?  Did you notice how our freedom of speech has faded away over the past few years?  Social media companies such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have taken censorship to a whole new level to silence the views that do not conform to the “official narrative.”  While a few years back, censorship may have seemed like a far-fetched conspiracy theory, today, it is blatant and right in our faces.

Almost hard to believe, but it’s true … within an hour of going live with the video interview – posted below, YouTube REMOVED IT because they deem this information “inappropriate” for public consumption.  But, we’ll let you decide if it was the right move or not … keep reading!

A “shining example” of freedom of speech threatened by big tech

In a video titled Insanity Exposed, Jonathan Landsman of NaturalHealth365 interviewed Alfie Oakes, the Founder and CEO of Oakes Farms.

Alfie, the owner of the number one grocery store in Southwest Florida, took a “different approach” toward dealing with the issues surrounding our current pandemic.  Simply put, he decided not to require face masks or social distancing in his popular food stores in Florida.  And, after over a year of having this policy, most people will be shocked to discover the results generated. (Watch the video below for details.)

In addition, he talks about why he thinks the focus should be on teaching people how to strengthen their immune system – instead of relying on toxic (never before used) medical “solutions.”  The fact that too many people still remain uninformed about how to maintain good health is tragic, to say the least.

Again, after just one hour, YouTube removed this video … but, you can still watch the entire video right here.  Enjoy the conversation below:

Alfie believes what you put in your body every day makes a difference in how well your body can fight off foreign invaders.  And, it turns out, Alfie makes some really good points.  There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that by eating a healthy diet, we can greatly support a strong immune system.

A brand new study published in the peer-reviewed journal of Nutrients confirms the connection between diet and immune health by stating that poor dietary status is “associated with inflammation and oxidative stress, which in turn can impact the immune system.”

Numerous other studies have also reinforced that the state of our immune system determines how likely we are to feel well or not.  Yet, we hear nothing about how to improve our diet from these so-called “public health experts.”

CENSORED video:  Within an hour of posting it, YouTube removes video and labels it “medical misinformation”

According to YouTube giving people real information about how they can improve their immune health is no longer allowed.  But why would YouTube be so opposed to the idea of people finding out about far more effective ways to protect themselves without the risk of being exposed to “experimental” medical procedures?

The email they sent to us says it all:

Hi NaturalHealth365,

Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our medical misinformation policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube:

Video: Insanity Exposed

We know that this might be disappointing, but it’s important to us that YouTube is a safe place for all. If content breaks our rules, we remove it. If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can appeal, and we’ll take another look. Keep reading for more details.

How your content violated the policy

YouTube doesn’t allow claims about COVID-19 injections that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).

Although comments shared in the interview about the COVID injection likely contributed to the removal of the video, it is plausible that making the correlation between immune health and COVID alone would have yielded the same outcome. Regardless, one must wonder why YouTube considers “free speech” to be “unsafe” for its community?

Just how serious is the censorship problem in America?

For anyone who was still under the false impression that the US Constitution was alive and well, protecting our fundamental freedoms, recent events quickly made it evident that it was no longer the case.  It is now clear; we live in a country where social media giants apparently have more power than a US President.

Ask yourself the question:  Should we be surprised if censoring anyone who dares to deviate from the official narrative – whether it is in the realm of politics, health, or economy – becomes the “new normal?”

Sadly, we should not be surprised.  Yet, all is not lost.  Together we can do something about stopping this alarming trend before it’s too late and all our fundamental rights are lost.  We can keep speaking the truth and share it with our friends and family to make sure they receive real information.

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