VIDEO: Root canal treatment can expose you to MAJOR health problems

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root-canal-problem-exposed(NaturalHealth365)  According to the American Association of Endodontists, more than 25 million teeth are treated yearly with a root canal or endodontic treatment.  People are told there’s no need to worry if their dentist recommends a root canal to treat a damaged or diseased tooth because the procedure is entirely safe.

In theory, root canals are the “knight in shining armor” of dentistry.  They are designed to “save” the natural tooth by removing the infected pulp and eliminating bacteria to prevent reinfection.  But are root canal procedures truly safe?  Or are they more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing with much more to the root canal story?

Most people NEVER hear about the problems associated with root canals and your dentist is probably not willing to admit this

In this must-watch video, Jonathan Landsman, creator of NaturalHealth365, interviews his biological dentist, Leonard Fazio, DDS, about the dangers of root canals that conventional dentists won’t tell you about.  Most people are unaware that conventional dentistry exposes them to vast amounts of toxins that can potentially harm their health.  Root canals are only one of many procedures general dentists perform on unsuspecting patients that have the potential to create disastrous adverse health effects.

Watch this interview until the end to discover lifesaving information about how root canals may wreak havoc on your health and the best way to approach dental issues.  After watching the video, you will find answers to some of the most critical questions related to oral health:

  • What is so problematic about root canals
  • What are the best ways to increase the structural integrity of a weak tooth
  • Why mercury-based “silver” fillings represent a serious threat to your health
  • Why it is paramount to replace metallic structures and restorations of the mouth with safer alternatives

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“A root canal is an inherently faulty procedure,” Dr. Fazio warns

As Dr. Fazio explains, one of the most significant issues with root canals is the inability to sterilize the root.  Since the inside of the tooth is not a smooth surface, the average root complex can harbor bacteria even after the root canal is done.  What’s the danger in that?

The bacteria that survive produce toxins that can travel anywhere in the body via the lymphatic or circulatory system and create issues beyond the mouth, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, or chronic inflammation.

There are safer alternatives available to replace dangerous conventional dental procedures

Unquestionably, your oral health will affect your overall wellbeing.  However, do your due diligence before entrusting a dentist with your oral health.  A dentist that truly cares and has the proper training can make a world of difference in your health outcomes.  Holistic or integrative dentists recognize that the teeth and their structures are part of the whole body.  Because they understand this inherent “interconnectedness” so commonly overlooked by general dentists, they know that oral health issues may indicate imbalances in the body that can adversely affect the immune system.

If you’re looking for a qualified, biological dentist, visit and use their search feature to find a dentist that’s best for you.

Whether dealing with an infected or broken tooth, bite issues, or toxic dental materials such as mercury-based silver fillings or metal-based crowns, finding a qualified and health-focused dentist trained in biological dentistry may be the best decision you can make for your health today and into your future.

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