Wearing a mask presents a clear DANGER to your health, study reveals

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face-masks-harm-health(NaturalHealth365)  The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be hazardous in more ways than one.  Thanks to the mainstream media’s non-stop fearmongering campaign, most people obediently masked up to protect themselves from the “deadly” virus.  While everyone was dwelling on how serious the virus could be, no one paid much attention to the potential collateral damage caused by the mitigation measures.

As time passes and more studies are performed, it’s hard to fathom that the masks meant to protect us may be killing us.  Instead of protecting us against germs, they were helping to introduce microplastics deep into our lungs.

Unscientific, unproven face masks damage health in MULTIPLE ways

According to the official narrative, the reason for the masks was to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  However, this narrative was scientifically flawed from the beginning, as no compelling evidence was presented to the American people supporting their benefit.  So not only did face masks not help in mitigating the spread of the so-called virus, their constant use has caused other health problems.  For instance, covering our airways leads to carbon dioxide build-up in the blood.  That alone should be a good enough reason to mask off.

Now, we are learning that the constant use of masks allows microplastic fibers to be drawn into the lungs.  The study performed at Hull York Medical School in the United Kingdom showed that small filaments, some two millimeters or longer, had found their way deep into the lungs of patients.  11 out of 13 patients showed the presence of microplastic fibers, filaments, and particles.

WARNING: New study finds microplastics in human lung tissue

The blue masks most commonly worn by surgeons and other medical professionals are made of many different types of plastics, most of which come from one primary type.  This type of plastic is thermoplastic polymer used to create polyester, polystyrene, and polyethylene.  These plastics are easy to mold when they are hot.

These plastic fibers are now being found almost everywhere we can imagine.  We see a massive number of masks polluting our environment, but we are also finding them inside our bodies.  Many scientists were astonished to find these microparticles flowing in our bloodstream.  Now that they are being found in the deepest regions of our lungs, the risks are being taken much more seriously.

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Different masks have different risks

Microplastic fibers can damage human cells.  The mere fact that scientists are detecting them in the body – in the blood and the lungs – is alarming on many levels.  It is estimated that this alone could result in millions of deaths each year that may be inaccurately blamed on other health conditions.

It is believed that the N95 masks present the lowest risk of inhaled microplastics.  Contrary to that, reusing masks for an extended period may increase the risk of inhaling microplastic fibers.  Some studies say that wearing each mask for less than four hours will dramatically reduce the number of inhaled fibers that can make their way into the lungs.

Let’s face it.  Face masks are breathing barriers that prevent us from breathing oxygen our cells desperately need to function.  They also prevent us from exhaling and force us to breathe in particles that get trapped inside the mask.

The longer you wear a mask, the more degraded it becomes, allowing more fibers to get into your lungs.  If you want to follow “real” science, take off your mask, as they have not been proven effective in this “pandemic.”  Instead of blocking your airways, why not focus on taking care of yourself and strengthening your body’s natural defenses?

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