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Detox your liver and fight cancer with dandelion root


(NaturalHealth365) Most people think of dandelion root as only a weed that tries to take over their lawns. However, the truth is that both dandelion root and its leaves are bursting with health benefits. For example, did you know that this gift from nature can help protect us from osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and even cancer? (It’s also known for ... Read More »

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Reduce anxiety and improve sleep with passionflower


(NaturalHealth365) Anxiety and chronic insomnia affect all too many people in the modern world and Western medicine does little to help resolve these serious health issues. Sadly, while these two problems can be experienced separately, they often go hand in hand. Over time, these maladies can dramatically affect mood and quality of life. Now an herbal remedy is showing promise ... Read More »

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Vitamin D deficiency reduces breast cancer survival


(NaturalHealth365) The benefits of vitamin D have been connected with an ability to help prevent cancer for years now.  Now, new research is substantiating that high vitamin D levels greatly improve breast cancer survival rate.  Note: Vitamin D blood levels of at least 40 ng/mL or higher have been linked to cancer prevention and lower mortality risk. In fact, astudy ... Read More »

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Cranberry nutrients inhibit cancer growth


(NaturalHealth365) Cranberry is a unique fruit that grows in bogs in cool geographic areas. The harvested cranberries can be made into juice, jams and sauces as well as dried and made into supplements. But, what’s really important is its healing effect for cancer patients. The tart, delicious flavor makes cranberry a favorite addition in baking and breakfast dishes as well ... Read More »

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Medicinal mushrooms boost immune function and prevent cancer


(NaturalHealth365) If you’re looking for a natural, effective way to boost your immune system and prevent cancer, eating some mushrooms could be the answer. Medicinal mushrooms are loaded with healing properties, and the public is just beginning to become aware of their power. Among them, reishi mushrooms have been getting a lot of attention lately. Reishi mushrooms have been used ... Read More »

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Bacopa: A powerful herb to improve memory and brain health


(NaturalHealth365) You probably have never heard of bacopa, but it just may be what you’ve been looking for to improve memory and brain health. This little-known herb might even be a key to preventing the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia that can strike in our later years. Bacopa is a perennial herb that grows in the ... Read More »

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Colon cancer triggered by common food additives, study says


(NaturalHealth365) Food additives called emulsifiers are often included in processed foods to help extend shelf life and create a better food texture. However, studies have found that these food additives may be causing colon cancer and colorectal cancer. Apparently, these emulsifiers in foods can alter intestinal bacteria in a way that increases inflammation. This can then create condition conducive to ... Read More »

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New study reveals unsafe toxic levels of chemicals in drinking water of 33 states


(NaturalHealth365) The toxic chemicals perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) have been found in alarming levels in drinking water around the United States. In fact, they exceed safe levels that have been set by the Environmental Protection Agency, and are threatening the health of over 6 million people around the country. This disturbing news was uncovered by research teams from the Harvard ... Read More »

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Low vitamin D levels linked with compromised immune function


(NaturalHealth365) Vaccines and pharmaceuticals are touted as the solution to illness and chronic conditions. However, the truth is that a healthy immune system is foundational to all aspects of health. Of all the vitamins and nutrients for improved immune system health, vitamin D is one of the most crucial. Adequate vitamin D blood levels are key to ongoing immune system ... Read More »

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Classic symptom of scurvy is inflamed, swollen and bleeding gums


(NaturalHealth365) Scurvy is an illness that is brought on by vitamin C deficiency. This condition is most commonly associated with early sailors who went on long sea voyages and didn’t get sufficient amounts of this important nutrient. Centuries ago, the only option for vitamin C was from fruits and vegetables, and sailors were not able to take enough of these ... Read More »

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Study proves: Heart disease is an early form of vitamin C deficiency


(NaturalHealth365) A groundbreaking study from the Dr. Rath Research Institute of California has found that heart disease is an indicator of vitamin C deficiency and a precursor to malnutrition issues like scurvy. While heart disease has been mainly linked with cholesterol issues, it is now becoming clear that the more important consideration for heart health is your intake and blood ... Read More »

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5 ways to reduce your exposure to EMF dangers


(NaturalHealth365) Today, we are literally surrounded by wireless technology and EMF pollution.  From cell phone radiation to Wi-Fi Internet to wireless home appliances and electronics, the air is full of electromagnetic frequencies. And, by the way, if you don’t personally use wireless technology, you are still being exposed by your neighbors’ devices.  Since this technology is relatively new, no one ... Read More »

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