Sulfur deficiency triggers cancer epidemic

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Sulfur Deficiency Causes Cancer(NaturalHealth365) Has conventional oncology forgotten the anti-cancer power of minerals like, sulfur? Sulfur enables the transport of oxygen across cell membranes and not only is oxygen needed for healthy cellular regeneration in humans, it is the lack of oxygen that helps cancer cells to grow.

Linus Pauling said that all modern diseases can be attributed to a mineral deficiency. Most researchers say that sulfur is one of the most important of the trace minerals – at around the 4th to 6th most important on Earth.

How sulfur deficiencies promote sickness and disease

In 1860, I.G. Farben (Bayer) first produced chemical fertilizers from coal tar. By 1938, Nelson Rockefeller and Prescott Bush contracted with I.G. Farben to develop and aggressively market ammonium nitrate and ammonia sulfate as chemical fertilizers.

The process they used for these required heat and naturally occurring sulfur is one of the most temperature-sensitive of all elements. These fertilizers are devoid of sulfur due to the 360 degree F temperatures used for production; this temperature is 100 degrees over the vaporization point of sulfur.

The way plants got sulfur from the soil was from organic mulch and manure. This was all replaced by chemical fertilizers – which were meant to increase the yield of crops (if you believe that) – and at the same time these fertilizers bind up any free sulfur available in rain water used for the sulfur cycle in plants.

In 1954 chemical fertilizers, which lacked bio-available sulfur, were mandated by our government. Since that time the rates of disease in the U.S. have increased by nearly 4,000 percent.

The United States government is making a tragic mistake

Finland was one of the few other countries that authorized using chemical fertilizers in the early 1950’s. Early in 1980, Finland became alarmed over the increasing disease rate of its population and banned all chemical fertilizers. Both the U.S. and Finland were at the same per-capital disease levels, but only Finland chose to do something for its citizens.

Finland became a leading supplier of bio-friendly completely organic foods. Their disease rates have dropped to one tenth (10%) of the 1985 levels. As there disease rate continues to drop in Finland, U.S. disease rates continue to climb.

Why are cancer rates growing out-of-control?

The West Coast Organic Sulfur Project, which began in Vancouver, Canada, took a closer look at the role of sulfur in cancer prevention. It got its inspiration from the Cellular Matrix Study known as ‘The Sulfur Study’ – which showed a fatal type of breast cancer responded to organic sulfur.

The study results demonstrated the connection between the lack of sulfur in the diet, and inability of the body’s cells to regenerate. The West Coast Organic Sulfur Study reported that sulfur is the mineral deficiency, which is responsible for the greatest increase in disease in North America.

It showed that countries using chemical fertilizers have an increase in disease, while those that use organically-based fertilizing methods do not.

Sulfur forms many compounds that are analogs of oxygen compounds and it has a unique action on body tissues. It decreases the pressure inside the cell. In removing fluids and toxins, sulfur affects the cell membrane.

Sulfur is present in all cells and forms sulfate compounds with sodium, potassium, magnesium, and selenium. Organic sulfur, in addition to eliminating heavy metals, regenerates, repairs and rebuilds all the cells in the body.

How does sulfur prevent, even reverse cancer?

Sulfur is commonly used in Asia as an herbal medicine to treat inflammation and cancer. Organic sulfur has been studied on several types of cancers and has been found to have remarkable anti-cancer benefits.

Research has shown that garlic and related sulfur containing compounds inhibit carcinogen-induced tumors in different organs. As early as the late 1950’s, Weisberger and Pensky demonstrated the anti-cancer action of garlic. Follow-up studies further documented the protective effects of garlic against a number of cancers.

In laboratory animals, consumption of garlic and related sulfur compounds reduced carcinogen-induced mammary, colon, esophageal, lung, stomach, skin and liver tumors.

Collectively, preclinical investigations demonstrate consistently the anti-cancer power of garlic and related sulfur compounds – which appear to be independent of the organ site or the carcinogen employed.

Organic produce – including organic (raw) garlic – are the crucial element in this process. Organic sulfur can produce a surge of oxygen into cancer cells.

Organic garlic has been shown to promote early mitotic arrest followed by apoptotic (cancer cell suicide) – without affecting healthy cells. These studies show that sulfur not only prevents, but helps reverse cancer.

Remember, organic sulfur is found in food and has been proven to be more powerful than many chemotherapy drugs. If your doctor doesn’t appreciate the value of sulfur – find another doctor.

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  • jay

    I wish you would have mentioned msm. are the people selling it telling the truth about it being as helpful as organic sulfur from garlic?

  • Leigh

    Great. Would you have food ideas for healthy retina, optic nerve, eye vision?

  • ysunsets

    I agree and have thought this for a long time – thank you for publishing this!

  • Carol Houchin

    I totally agree with this. I have been advocating against the use of chemicals like Round-up since the 1980’s, and have watched the disease and death indexes rise in leaps and bounds, with no end in sight. Even the ‘Organic’ foods are now grown in Contaminated soil and watered with Contaminated water…


    I strongly agree with you. This will help many people worldwide because cancer is a global burden. I thank you for your continuous and saving contribution.

  • G Clay

    The bush and rockefeller families are no less evil today than they were back then. Now the bushs want to put their other son in the white house. Time to quit voting rebloodlican and demoncrip. Oh, and boost your sulfur intake too.

  • Seitsemän Veljestä

    Being a finn I have no information about banning synthetic fertilizers or that national health has been improving. We eat too much carbohydrates and sugar and our climate (long, dark and cold winter) is not helping with local vegetables…

  • technicallysane

    It’s interesting that IG Farben was mentioned in the article because it immediately reminded me that this company, which later became known as Bayer Co., was the self same company that produced the poisonous gas that was used in the Nazi gas chambers during WWII. It’s also interesting to know that this same company is still producing poisonous chemicals that adversely affect the soil and thus the food that we eat. I guess evil is as evil does.

  • silver

    Good info, except MSM was not even mentioned in the article – only in the footnotes did I see MSM mentioned, which is crucial information for people to know how to supplement their diets with it. Whenever I drink a glass of water, I stir in 1/2 tsp. and you barely taste it.

  • Sherry Harrisson

    WOW! Not even a word about MSM!? THE sulfur supplement!?!?!?

    Or L-Cysteine!?!?!?

  • Patrick McGean

    Organic sulfur is the most remarkable form of methylsuphonylmethane is organic sulfur only and nothing else. The Cellular Matrix Study has found no commercially available MSM that works. Got sulfur?

  • Duke Stevenson

    Great article. Always look for pharmaceutical grade Organic Sulfur made in USA.