4 facts about 5G technology the telecom industry does not want you to know

4 facts about 5G technology the telecom industry does not want you to know
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(NaturalHealth365) If you’ve watched any television or Hulu recently, you’ve probably noticed telecom industry commercials touting the “next generation of mobile communication.” Next generation?  Sure, but the future 5G network doesn’t come without a serious price to pay.

No matter how much Telecom hypes up the latest iteration of wireless communication, word is spreading (fast) about harmful 5G effects and the powerful radiation associated with it.

As we reported recently, 5G technology was already met with serious backlash in cities like Sacramento. Now, in a continued effort to educate our readers about the potential dangers of 5G technology, we’re sharing a few “need to know” facts.

4 things about 5G technology that the cell phone industry would like hidden from the public

According to GSMA.com (a website that “represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide”), 5G technology is set to cover one-third of the world’s population by the year 2025 and account for a whopping 1.2 billion wireless connections. The 5G network is allegedly going to provide faster and more fluid communication “that will change how we live, work, and play.”

What telecom companies won’t tell you is that 5G technology is also poised to change your and your family’s health – and it doesn’t look good:

  1. All powerful? 5G signals don’t travel far, so the 5G network will require a much higher density of cell antennas placed much closer to the ground compared to traditional cell phone networks. We can expect to see small cell 5G antennas installed right outside to homes, apartments, and other buildings, starting in cities and eventually spreading to more suburban areas.
  2. It’s been over 20 years since the government updated their guidelines for radiation exposure, and it doesn’t take much to consider how much more powerful and advanced cell phone technology has become in this time. Is this accidental oversight or willful duplicity?
  3. As of this date, there have been ZERO long-term studies evaluating the safety of exposure to 5G technology. Meanwhile, independent studies by the thousands reveal negative health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure and offer no conclusive evidence that it is safe. And since the World Health Organization recognizes wireless radiation as a possible carcinogen, this means an increased risk of cancer could be just one of many 5G effects unsuspecting American families will face.
  4. There’s virtually no getting around it – an increased availability of 5G network connectivity will increase your family’s exposure to wireless radiation. Small cell antennas placed all over our communities will be pinging signals and emitting powerful radiation at a blistering rate.

Is the 5G radiation crisis impacting your community? Here’s how to identify 5G small cell installations near you

Give yourself credit – you’re educating yourself about 5G technology and learning how it could impact your family. This kind of self-advocacy probably isn’t something telecom industry bigwigs like.

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The truth is, 5G technology isn’t an “upgrade.”  It’s a move that will directly increase your exposure to radiation – 24/7, 365, with or without a cell phone in your pocket.

Want to take steps to protect yourself and your family? Start by learning how to recognize 5G small cell antennas around your community (click here to see real photos) and call your local representatives to start a discussion.

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