New government draft: National adult immunization plan exposed

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vaccine needle(NaturalHealth365) Vaccines are a hot topic in the United States right now, with doctors, scientists, and now even the media and lawmakers pushing for new regulations that strip away rights and pressure Americans into getting immunizations simply because the government has deemed them ‘safe’.

While vaccines for children have long been the goal, the government has recently put a new group of people in its crosshairs – adults. A chilling agenda, the National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) is a 5-year national collaboration designed to push adults into getting more vaccines than ever before.

A propaganda-driven government scheme for adult vaccinations

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is not hiding its initiative from anyone. In fact, the HHS boldly published a 46-page report in the Federal Register outlining its plan to push an adult vaccination schedule – especially on those who may have opposed them in the past. Not only that, but the HHS also plans to use electronic health records to invade patient privacy and track immunizations among American adults.

Despite its attempts to ‘dumb down’ the American public, the government is aware of the strength among communities of people who do not buy into the guarantees of vaccination safety. Perhaps that is why the HHS plans to push adult vaccinations on specific groups of people, with the hope of infiltrating particular populations from the inside out.

Instead of addressing concerns about neurotoxins, fetal cells and dangerous chemicals found in vaccinations, the government is instead attempting to use education and influence to infiltrate certain networks. More specifically, the HHS wants to use employers and powerful leaders to push an adult vaccination schedule. Even more concerning, the HHS wants to stop religious groups from rejecting immunizations by convincing religious leaders to encourage vaccines among their communities.

A dangerous step toward mandatory vaccinations for adults

So what can Americans expect? Put simply, the NAIP is a move toward medical rights oppression in the name of health and prevention.

According to the rhetoric published by the HHS, adult patients will begin having a very different experience at every doctor visit. Physicians will be asked to review every adult patient’s vaccination schedule and push immunizations on patients who are not in compliance with the CDC’s recommendations for an adult vaccination schedule.

It will likely be very similar to the way pediatricians all but force parents to pump their children full of vaccines using scare tactics and threats. Employers may even begin requiring mandatory vaccinations for new and existing employees in the same way that public schools push parents to vaccinate their children to attend class.

Medical tyranny is upon us. Though the NAIP stops short of requiring mandatory vaccinations, the government propaganda and ‘big brother’ medical surveillance of adult vaccinations are definitive steps in that direction. In truth, all patients should have a choice in what substances are injected into their bodies – at any age. And, to be perfectly clear, it should be the government’s job to protect that choice – not take it away!

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  • pam r

    Many people don’t realize how everyone going to doctor’s visits are being electronically tracked as the affordable care act progresses. Adults who don’t take vaccines will be put into the electronic records which can be accessed by state or local government authorities. Won’t be long until doctor’s will be penalized for having unvaccinated patients. If you don’t get vaccinated their won’t be any doctors that take insurance who will see you. Next step would be all employers would require vaccines for any type of job. A few of us would get through this system until health authorities show up at your door and say your a threat to society. We need to have enough people educated and rising up against this before this happens or it is over for most.

    • tamajam10

      I agree, Pam. What astounds me ever more, however, is how few people see this! It is so in-your-face that everyone should be up in arms over this vaccine issue. Instead I’m amazed to see so many people actually demanding forced vaccinations….sheep voluntarily being led to slaughter. It’s insane.

      • Lou

        “sheep voluntarily being led to slaughter. It’s insane.”

        No what is going on is highly engineered and totally rational. Us sheep have always allowed others to control us because we FEAR and TRUST AUTHORITY, instead of thinking.

        Clearly evil people control authority and have implemented a depopulation agenda. We will be asked to TRUST them and ordered to take the UNTESTED “vaccine”. Once we fall for this it is all over but the cleanup of our bodies.

        How do the Elite Protect Themselves

        Many people ask how do the elite protect themselves from a Political Pandemic as this Ebola appears to be. The solution is as simple as can be and does not require the chosen ones and their families to Do much of anything, let alone take a toxic “vaccination”

        To understand how this can be, here is how a Political Pandemic operates.

        1) Develop a bio-weapon

        2) Introduce the weapon, ironically often through a “vaccination”.
        “The Seasonal Flu Shot” is a great means to deliver ANYTHING. Please avoid, especially this year.

        3) Make sure the weapon is widespread enough to induce FEAR, pandemics are FEAR driven; the FEAR is much more important than the weapon.

        4) Develop a “vaccine” against the weapon

        5) Introduce the “vaccine” into the market; if the FEAR is sufficient many tens of millions will gladly take this NON SUFFICIENTLY TESTED, EMERGENCY CERTIFIED (all risk is your risk) “vaccine.

        6) Make sure say for starters 1 in 1-000 – 10,000 “vaccines” contain the live Ebola virus. This toxic “Ebola vaccine” is likely manufactured in Communist China or other reliable source such as Baxter Labs.

        7 Sit back and watch the pandemic develop

        So you see how those in the know protect themselves. NO NEEDLES that is all. You can follow their lead.

        healthyprotocols. com/2_ebola.htm

  • hisrascal

    Scary. What can be done?

    • pam r

      The only things we can do is voice our opinion and protest legislative bills.
      call our local representatives and let them know how we feel about this issue.

      Very important – Share this information with family and friends. I share these articles with many and share the Vaccine world summit that Jonathan created.

      More people need to hear this information it cannot be kept secret. A lot of mothers out there that would be interested in this.

    • Janice Pena-Velilla

      Visit NVIC site lets you know what’s going on email assembly persons, senators any and all congress persons you’re against forced vaccinations! Get friends and family involved if they also feel the same!

  • Desirae

    I only go to holistic doctors and my ‘medical file’ is an actual ‘folder’. It all depends on what type of ‘doctor’ you choose to go to. I have my own online business that allows me to go anywhere in the world at any time (and dual citizenship), so I won’t be forced by any employer ever to ‘get’ vaccinated. I think the approach people should take is learning how to be self-sufficient and that’s exactly how I’ve set up my life (with a lot of hard work). Hopefully things won’t get to the point where vaccinations would become enforceable.

  • dont shot me

    I just watched “Bought” and it was eye opening and engaging. It’s such a complicated subject. In documentary form, key concepts can be more easily understood (and not censored).

  • Ariel Gail MacLean

    To the Comment below, you are deluding yourself if you believe you and your doctor can remain immune to government’s universal vaccine requirement. Yes, you will likely be among the last they round up, but eventually, your insurance will drop you, your doctor’s practice will be threatened, and there will be a Blacklist just like entire industries during the 1950’s suffered through, where people literally lost not only their jobs, but their capacity to be employed (hence, the term “Blackballed”). I think you might wish to tune in to some of the investigative stories coming out of Prison Planet and Natural News which have been tracking this Mandatory Vaccine plan which is many years old, involves the most powerful and wealthiest industries in the world, and is now totally imbedded inside our national security complex and legal system. There is no way out of the encroachment of the tyrannical medical takeover of our sovereign rights as world citizens, unless we get busy dismantling it from the inside out. With the majority of Adults asleep at the wheel of their lives, and/or not taking personal responsibility for anything, the prospect look bleak. So many people are too cognitively impaired already.

    • tamajam10

      We must also keep in mind that doctors are being ‘educated’ by medical schools funded by Monsanto and Big Pharma. They incur many tens of thousands of dollars in student loans being ‘trained’ in anatomy and ‘symptoms’. There is little attention applied to nutrition and, say, the symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiency…..or hormonal imbalance. How can I say this? I caved and went to a PCP and provided my symptoms. I asked about adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalance. I left with a few scripts that could not possibly address what I know is the issue (caused by fluoride in, well, everything, chemicals in, well, everything, etc….. I looked up the ‘legal drugs’ I was prescribed on rxisk(dot)org. No thank you!

    • Lou

      Yep in the end a “vaccination team” will show up at your door. Several goons will be armed with the finest deadliest armament your tax dollars have bought. You get a shot from the poisoned syringe or shot by the goons.

      I’ll take the goons.

      They can sink the needle in my dead body.

  • Andrea Winship

    This is already happening. Out of the blue, I received a e-mail from my primary care provider’s network asking me to come in to get a TDaP shot as I am “past my booster shot” time period. I wrote them back and asked them why this particular shot as I haven’t had a vaccine shot in at least 45 years. I also told them I wouldn’t come in for any reason, period and that they would have to drag me kicking and screaming.

  • JCLincoln


  • Protonius

    For me, it is rapidly becoming so increasingly hard to try to believe that my beloved country — which used to cherish deeply and fight mightily to preserve our freedoms — is NOT now turning stealthily — and swiftly — and step-by-step — toward becoming f@schistic.

    But, IMO, it seems increasingly clear that the components of f@schism are already well along being put into place here, the net is being carefully but persistently drawn up around us and, silently and secretively, its drawstrings are already being tightened.

    Forced v@/c-si^nations — as per much of what I’m reading on the topic — are not only already here (in the U.S.) for many parents and their school-age children, and for the employees of various hospitals and other businesses, but also, perhaps within the very near future, G0*v/urnm3nt-mandated v@c-sin/a*tions may be forced upon ALL Americans (and elsewhere too).

    Might our being forcibly injected — perhaps via those same v@/c-si^nations — with nanotechnology-sized microchip-implants — which could be used for any of a whole range of purposes that we might not feel so good about either — also be part of the reason for this push?

    Some observers say that this has already been happening. Is it?

    And regardless of whether or not microchips are part of the plan, consider this: The “REAL I.D.” Act, pushed into law under GWB, is set to go into full effect, as I’ve read, in the beginning of JANUARY 2016.

    What will that mean for us in terms of our freedoms? And what will that mean for us in terms of the possibility of v@c-sin/a*tions being made mandatory?

    As described on many other websites — just go to this online-search URL —

    duckduckgo. com/?q=%22real+i.d.%22+2016&ia=videos

    — and you’ll find loads of resources about the potential dangers that, many observers say, the implementation of REAL I.D. will mean for everyone in the U.S..

    For example, some of these resources, claim, REAL I.D. will in essence institutue a system, in the U.S., by which nobody will be able to travel on any public transportation system, or to cross state lines — and maybe even THOSE restrictions will be additionally applied and tightened at the local levels (and may also regulate our ability to access our own bank accounts, or to get or use a creditcard, or to shop, or to see a doctor, etcetera) — without an INTERNAL-TRAVEL “PASSPORT” whose chip will contain electronically-trackable data as to whether or not the holder of that “passport” HAS OR HAS NOT BEEN V@C-SIN/A*TED.

    What’s that — your REAL I.D. chip says that you’ve NOT been v@c-sin/a*ted, or maybe says that you’ve “resisted” the idea of being v@c-sin/a*ted — or that maybe you’ve “resisted” any OTHER particular “plan of the moment” (etcetera, etcetera, etcetera)? Yes? If so, good luck trying to be allowed to travel, within the U.S., on ANY form of public transportation — buses, trains (also including subway trains), airplanes, and so on — maybe even to travel on public roads, and more, for all we know.

    And as to being allowed to travel on any boat or airplane to LEAVE the U.S. — or to RE-ENTER the U.S., even on your regular U.S. passport, if you’ve not been v@c-sin/a*ted as required?

    January 2016: REAL I.D. goes into effect.

    That’s only nine months from now.

    And why “they” want us to be injected with these potentially health-destructive substances (and possibly nanotech-chips), all under the banner of allegedly “protecting” us and of “protecting” the “herd”? Do “they” really believe the hype that they want US to believe? Or…?

    • Lou

      “Might our being forcibly injected –”

      Yes we are living under a thinly veiled fascist dictatorship. NOTHING is being done to “help” us unless it is to help us into an EARLY grave.

      Would you allow Stalin to inject an unkown substence into you or anyone you cared about? How about Chairman Mao? How about Hitler. Nor should you allow the Bush and Clinton clans who take turns being “president”.

      This whole “vaccination” is a deadly fraud and IMO is tasked to help achieve global depopulation.

      a.disquscdn. com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1678/1835/original.jpg?w=800&h

      healthyprotocols. com/2_vaccine.htm

      google. com/#q=bush+clinton+drug+dealer