Stunning global news ALERT: Spanish government trying to ban acupuncture plus other forms of ‘alternative’ medicine

Stunning global news ALERT: Spanish government trying to ban acupuncture plus other forms of ‘alternative’ medicine
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(NaturalHealth365) Is it P.C. culture?  Is it pushback from big pharma and their powerful lobbyists?  Who really knows why the attempt to stifle alternative medicine is so strong.  But, the  simple reality is that, this is a growing problem the global community must contend with.

To be clear: just because something is marketed as ‘alternative’ (or natural) medicine doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe or effective.  But, governmental attempts to block public access to services like acupuncture is an enormously unwise overstep – something that the Spanish government recently enacted.

They banned what?  Spanish government tries to prevent public access to alternative medicine

In a jaw-dropping move resembling a mix between censorship and blatant pharmaceutical-favoritism, the Spanish government recently took steps to outright ban “natural medicine” in health centers around the country. This appears to be in direct response to a recent plea from conventional scientists who scathingly accused practitioners of misleading ill patients.

In a letter to Spanish health minister MaríaLuisa Carcedo Roces, these scientists also cited a few high profile deaths of cancer patients who opted to pursue alternative medicine techniques, relying on emotional currency to advance their agenda.

The glaring problem is that the Spanish government doesn’t clearly define what they mean by ‘natural medicine.’  However, they’re more than willing to include acupuncture in their proposed ban – a traditional Chinese medicine technique that has its earliest roots to at least 100 B.C.

Yes, health officials in Spain are virtually snubbing their noses at an ancient Eastern practice that has been practiced around the world for thousands of years.

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Spanish officials also suggest homeopathy should be banned. This is another alternative medicine technique that has been around since the late 1700s.

So, what’s wrong with ‘banning’ homeopathy?

Despite what mass media would have you believe, homeopathy does have evidence to support its efficacy. This was pointed out in an open letter to the Spanish health minister in November 2018 by Dr. Maria Chorianopoulou, PhD, Director of International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece.

But the buck doesn’t stop there:

Spanish science and health ministers even want to prevent universities from allowing natural medicine techniques to be taught, and they want to prohibit schools from awarding diplomas for such practices.

If this isn’t an example of the government intruding on the sacred doctor-patient relationship, we don’t know what is.

Fighting back against censorship and the big pharma agenda

The willingness of Spanish health officials to cordon off all alternative medicine techniques into one forbidden and “harmful” group is at best intellectual laziness.  At worst, it’s intellectual dishonesty.

And this move potentially prevents millions of people from being able to make their own informed health decisions and retain full access to a range of care – including forms of alternative medicine that truly are effective and safe.

The move by the Spanish government also sets a dangerous precedent for other countries, where big pharma is just as if not more powerful.

The truth is, alternative medicine has been around for centuries. Of course there are some natural practices that are questionable and in some cases harmful.  But, let’s not forget about the reams of evidence showing how toxic and even deadly conventional medicine can be.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes alternative medicine as an integral part of many cultures’ health and wellness practices.  Indeed, one of WHO’s explicit goals is to harness the “potential contribution of [traditional and complementary medicine] to health, wellness and people-centered health care.”

Think about it: do you want the government telling you what you are or aren’t allowed to explore and utilize when it comes to your personal health?

The crackdown on ‘alternative medicine’ continues. To stay informed, be sure to subscribe to news sites like, NaturalHealth365.  We are always thinking about your wellbeing.

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