NH365 072: Homeopathy – How to overcome infections and reverse cancer naturally

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(NaturalHealth365)  Chronic infections and autoimmune diseases are on the rise.  If you feel like you’ve tried ‘everything’ – you owe it to yourself to try homeopathy.  Homeopathy was wildly popular in the United States and Europe throughout the 1800s and its strongest supporters included European royalty, highly-successful business leaders, writers and religious leaders.

But even though homeopathy was without question – there was a growing opposition by the emerging industry we now call Western medicine.  The battle between homeopathy and conventional medicine could be made into a great movie, maybe we’ll see it – but, that’s for another day.

Find out how homeopathy can help you overcome infections and other serious health problems

Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, we’ve invited a very special guest, Deborah Vidal to talk about the many health benefits of homeopathy including its ability to support a healthy immune system, reduce our risk of infections and, yes, even defend us from cancer.

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For more information about Deborah Vidal, RSHom (NA), CCH – visit: VidalSpeaks.com

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Podcast highlights include:

  • Deborah reveals why (and how) homeopathy had such a powerful impact on her life.
  • Why is it so important for people to know about homeopathy?
  • How can homeopathy help people with serious health issues like cancer, autoimmune disorders or infectious conditions like the flu?
  • Why is the classical homeopathic approach so valuable for overcoming health problems?
  • Understanding the dangers associated with suppressing disease symptoms.
  • The best path toward healing and health.
  • Deborah’s best advice about diet and detoxification for optimal health.

About Deborah Vidal, RSHom (NA), CCH

Deborah Vidal was vegan / vegetarian since her teenage years.  At age 11 she had a near death experience after being thrown from her horse that left her with horrible headaches which lasted many years.

Her desire to cure herself ignited her passion in natural medicine especially in the concept to “Let Food be Thy Medicine.”  At the age of 23 she qualified for the LPGA tour after only taking up golf 3 years earlier, which is still the fastest anyone was made it to the tour! She played on the LPGA tour for 11 years. (formerly known as Deborah McHaffie).

She also worked doing commentary for The Golf Channel and CBS. She left golf and the tour due to a back injury and health issues after an overload of golf course chemicals.  After leaving the tour she found her own cure when she was introduced to homeopathy.

She went on to study and practice as a classical homeopath in the Hollywood hills of LA where she has practiced the last 17 years. She has studied & trained with the best homeopaths in the world including Dr. Farokh Mastera – a homeopath from Bombay India that is treating serious diseases such as cancer and reversing many of them with homeopathy.

She has a certification in plant based nutrition and in Nutritional Balancing which is learning to read hair test analysis as a form of health and detoxing.  She has recently put her practice on hold to start her own podcast called vidalSPEAKS to get the word out on why people should think twice about suppressing symptoms with drugs as a way of getting well.

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