This natural compound helps your genes fight disease, age gracefully, alleviate arthritis and depression

This natural compound helps your genes fight disease, age gracefully, alleviate arthritis and depression
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(NaturalHealth365) S-adenosyl-L-methionine, better known as SAMe, is a well-studied natural compound touted for its powerful anti-aging capabilities and other health benefits. Like most studies done on nutrients, researchers will tell you they aren’t sure exactly how much is needed – but, the emerging evidence is exciting!

For example, one thing is becoming quite clear: Right now, epigenetics (the study of how lifestyle and the environment affects our genes) is all the rage in the scientific community, and SAMe shows promise as an epigenetic superstar, especially because of its role in an important biochemical process known as DNA methylation.

Natural compound important to ensure your genetic expression “goes smoothly”

As mentioned, SAMe is a metabolite found in all living cells.  It’s the preferred player in a biochemical process in your body known as DNA methylation.

DNA methylation is a mechanism by which your body turns on or off certain genes, which is important for everything from building proteins to preventing disease. Having enough SAMe in your body is essential for ensuring this epigenetic process goes smoothly throughout your life.

Additional research now shows that supplementing with SAMe alleviates signs and symptoms associated with multiple chronic health problems, including:

  • Osteoarthritis (stimulates cartilage, reduces joint pain and stiffness)
  • Clinical depression
  • Systemic inflammation

Research also shows that SAMe may help extend lifespan, slow aging, and prevent tumor development, all thanks to the compound’s effect on DNA methylation and gene expression.

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Overall, it’s wonderful to see that we are not merely victims of the genes we were born with – but can influence the expression and activity of our genes through controllable factors like nutrient intake!

Here’s how much SAMe you need (and where to get it), according to experts

According to a 2002 review paper published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it’s not possible to get an adequate amount of SAMe through the diet. We can draw two main conclusions from this:

First, our bodies must manufacture and synthesize SAMe to make sure we have enough of the metabolite to work with. Second, some of us may choose to add SAMe in a supplement form to our otherwise healthy diet and lifestyle. Currently in the United States, you can find SAMe nutraceutical supplements at both online and in-store retailers.

As with any supplement, you tend to get what you pay for, so it may be worth spending a little more money on a higher quality product from a trusted brand. To ensure that the supplement is appropriate for your needs, you should chat with your integrative doctor first, especially if you’re being treated for bipolar disorder or currently take any other medications or supplements.

As for how much SAMe you need, this can depend on your reason for taking it. Based on current studies done on the nutrient, the typical daily intake ranges from 600 to 3,200 milligrams per day (divided into two or three doses).

And if you want to bump up your dietary intake of methionine (the amino acid which your body combines with ATP to create SAMe), then eat more quality-sourced (organic/wild) foods like turkey, beef, fish, tofu, nuts, beans, and whole grains.

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