Australian data shows more COVID shot doses lead to increase in deaths, hospitalizations

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more-covid-shot-doses(NaturalHealth365)  It wasn’t long ago when federal governments across the globe insisted that a single COVID shot would be enough to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  Media talking heads and government officials stated time and time again that jabbed individuals cannot spread the virus to others (which turned out to be incorrect).  Big Pharma’s mantra of “two weeks to stop the spread” turned out to be a bald-faced lie.

In reality, Covid shots do not prevent the spread of the virus.  Data emerging from Australia about the COVID shot’s impact on the human condition is especially damning.  The data reveals additional COVID shots are actually increasing the number of COVID-related deaths.

The statistics, as detailed below, directly contrast with the narrative of Big Pharma and politicians across the globe, making it abundantly clear that even a single injection is not worth the risk.

Breaking down Australia’s COVID shot data

Data from Australia reveals a strong correlation between COVID doses and hospitalization.  There is also a correlation between injections and death.  The most disturbing part of the data is that the greater the number of coronavirus shot rates, the higher the number of infections and deaths.  However, you won’t hear these alarming statistics when you turn on your nightly newscast.

As Dr. Paul Alexander and reporter Joel Smalley detailed, four distinct periods of excess death have occurred in England and Australia, each spike emerging in unison with a higher prevalence of injections.

Take a deep dive into the United Kingdom Health Security Agency report about COVID shot effectiveness, and you’ll find the numbers contradict the federal government’s narrative.  The report’s data indicates the jab greatly hikes the risk of hospitalization half a year after receiving the shot.  This data directly conflicts with Big Pharma’s claim that the shot protects people against virus transmission, hospitalization, and death.

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The report also contains a section about pregnancies that reveals a 15% decline throughout the United Kingdom.  In addition, several reports have emerged indicating that the jab alters menstrual cycles, possibly reducing fertility rate.

The COVID shot is especially dangerous for individuals aged 50+

Those approaching senior citizen status are especially vulnerable to harm caused by the shot.  The most recent Vaccine Surveillance Report issued by the UK Health Security Agency reveals those aged 50 and up face an extraordinarily dangerous period of susceptibility 6-9 months after receiving a COVID injection.

Though the data reveals the initial coronavirus booster slightly decreases the risk for hospitalization across an initial period of six months, the risk of hospitalization significantly increases thereafter.  In plain terms, the COVID shot isn’t providing the benefits initially promised.  However, the shot is still being pushed by federal governments in the US, the UK, Australia, and elsewhere across the globe with impunity.

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