ALERT: Imminent danger of mRNA gene therapy in the food supply

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mrna-gene-therapy-in-food(NaturalHealth365)  While the COVID-19 pandemic was the first time most of us ever really heard of terms like mRNA and biotechnology, gene therapy has actually been around for decades.  The first people ever to receive gene therapy – two sisters suffering from a rare genetic disorder – received this groundbreaking medical treatment in 1970 (it’s worth noting, however, that neither of the young girls benefited from the injections).

Of course, the fact that gene therapy was incorporated into shots and then put into the arms of millions of people around the world after questionable “clinical trials” is highly concerning.  But it turns out the government and Big Pharma bigwigs might have had other plans all along … for instance, to get gene therapy into the food you eat.

Eat your mRNA “gene therapy:” The government wants you to eat food that triggers an immune response in your body

In an alarming new video published on April 3, 2023, Dr. Naomi Wolf sat down with attorney Tom Renz to discuss his eye-opening findings about a government-led push to “[integrate] vaccines into foods.” And on April 1, 2023, Renz also Tweeted recent news that “lobbyists for the cattleman and pork associations in several states have CONFIRMED they WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH.”

During his interview, Renz cites a 2013 article published in the journal Advances in Biotechnology, which details how investigators at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (formerly run by the crooked Dr. Anthony Fauci) and others have already spent decades preparing for and conducting proof-of-concept research to prove that genetically modified foods can trigger an immune response in the human body.

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“Edible vaccines for … intestinal pathogens are already in the pipeline,” writes the co-author of the 2013 article. “Potatoes and bananas that might protect against Norwalk virus, a common cause of diarrhea, and potatoes and tomatoes that might protect against hepatitis B are being developed.” As of 2013 (and who knows what the total is up to now), applications for edible shots were in the works for several common diseases and health conditions, including rabies, type 1 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, gastroenteritis, cancer, cholera, AIDS, measles, malaria, and hand, foot, and mouth disease – with the possible plants in use including potatoes, tomatoes, rice, spinach, banana, and tobacco.

The article, entitled “Edible Vaccines,” also ends with what reads like garbage Pollyanna propaganda, stating that “There is hope that in [the] coming future, edible vaccines will conquer all serious diseases and make the planet beautiful to live in.”

Is there no stopping Big Pharma and the federal government?  Is this the way of the (food) future?

As alarming as these revelations are, there is some hope here.  Renz shared his support for a new Missouri House Bill called HB 1169, which he describes as a labeling bill that will ensure people have the right to know what’s in their food and whether it contains a gene therapy product.

Talk about informed consent!

This bill does three things, Renz explains:

  1. “It requires labeling and disclosure of any product that has any gene therapy qualities.”
  2. It requires that if you have a product on the market that has gene therapy qualities, that anyone can call the company and say, ‘Hey, how does this spread?  Does it shed?  Is it spread through contact – through sexual contact?  Or is there a way that this can spread?’ And they have to disclose it.”
  3. “It requires informed consent.  And informed consent includes serious events or adverse events of special interest. … And it requires informed consent before you be given anything with the gene therapy or medicinal property.”

Renz calls on readers and listeners who are interested to share this bill on social media and contact their own representatives about this important subject.

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