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Gwyneth Paltrow warns of the dangers of cell phone use and WiFi radiation


(NaturalHealth365) Gwyneth Paltrow uses her weekly blog to share her insights and tips for a better life. In a recent post the 43-year-old Hollywood star has shared some invaluable advice with her readers on the dangers of cell phone radiation. Writing on her blog, Goop, the mother-of-two has written an article entitled: ‘Are Cell Phones and WiFi Signals Toxic?’. She ... Read More »

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Study says: Cell phone radiation and mercury in your teeth cause significant health problems


(NaturalHealth365) Let me ask you, do you have amalgam dental fillings? Do you use a cell phone? If you do, then beware, the latest research shows that you may be particularly at risk. There’s a considerable amount of research pointing to the dangers of radio frequency electromagnetic field exposures from cell phones. There is also significant research which points to ... Read More »

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New study: Cell tower radiation can cause diabetes


(NaturalHealth 365) A study recently published in the Swiss science journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has found that radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMF) from cell phone towers can cause diabetes. This new study examined the effects of EMFs emitted by cell towers on hemoglobin. Prof. Sultan Ayoub Meo, a professor at KSU’s College of Medicine has ... Read More »

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New study shows a child’s brain absorbs twice as much cell phone radiation versus adults

toddler with cell phone

(NaturalHealth365) A recently published study shows that a child’s brain can absorb twice as much cell phone radiation as that of an adult. It confirms that cell phone radiation is absorbed deeper into children’s brains than previous outdated cell phone test methods have suggested. The world now has more than 7 billion cell phones. Given the links between cell phone ... Read More »

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15–year-old schoolgirl found hanged after developing an allergic reaction to WiFi in her school


(NaturalHealth365) 15-year-old Jenny Fry was found hanged in woodland in June this year. According to her parents she suffered from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), which caused her to suffer diverse symptoms including tiredness, headaches and bladder problems. An allergic reaction to WiFi in her school made living miserable An inquest heard that it was her allergic reaction to her school’s WiFi ... Read More »

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Studies show radiation from wireless devices affect our brains


(NaturalHealth365) There are many devices and appliances that emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs), TVs, computers, washing machines, refrigerators and routers. Of course, let’s not forget, cell phones emit a form of electromagnetic field called radio frequency radiation. Currently there are about 7.3 billion people on the planet and 6. 9 billion mobile phone subscriptions, so the cell phone is an important ... Read More »

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Why wireless radiation is dangerous and why the safety guidelines urgently need updating


(NaturalHealth365) After water, gas, and electricity, wireless has become the fourth utility. Everything is being ‘wified’ to death.  Phones, watches, TVs, iPads, DVD players, coffee machines, refrigerators, you name it! Even schools, hospitals, businesses and coffee shops have WiFi – it’s literally everywhere. In fact, some would say, ‘we can’t live without it.’ But what if wireless was not as ... Read More »

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Top scientists urge U.S. Secretary of Education to stop wireless experiment with our kids


(NaturalHealth365) A group of expert scientists and doctors have sent an open letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan detailing children’s particular vulnerability to the health risks of wireless technology. The scientists and doctors, advisors of the Environmental Health Trust (EHT), outline specific steps the U.S. Department of Education should take to safeguard our children’s health. These steps include ... Read More »

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Retired government scientist warns about the health impact of microwave radiation from wireless devices in our schools on our children


(NaturalHealth365) Retired U.S. Government scientist Dr. Ronald M. Powell has recently published an important document outlining the health issues concerning the use of wireless devices in schools. In a letter addressed to public schools, Dr. Powell who is a Harvard-trained physicist, says, “as a scientist, I urge you to look into the health impact of the radiofrequency/ microwave radiation produced ... Read More »

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Parents sue their son’s school because Wi-Fi is making their child sick


(NaturalHealth365) Parents are suing their son’s private school in Southborough, Massachusetts, claiming that the schools wireless Internet network is making their 12-year-old sick. The child’s parents are requesting that the school to switch to a hardwired Ethernet connection or that they lower the radio frequency (RF) radiation levels so that their son may go back to school in September. They ... Read More »

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Cell phone radiation and metal dental work linked to cancer and toxicity, study finds


(NaturalHealth365) A new study has found that cell phone radiation exposures significantly increased nickel concentration in the saliva of adult patients who wear dental braces. Fifty healthy patients with fixed orthodontic appliances were asked not to use their cell phones for a week. Their saliva samples were taken at the end of the week. During the next week the patients ... Read More »

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Cell phones are linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, study claims


(NaturalHealth365) Radiation from wireless devices such as cell phones and tablets are being linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, headaches and skin irritation, according to a new Meta study.  Scientists claim radiation initiates a damaging process in the body thought to be closely linked to degenerative diseases called oxidative stress. This new study, published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, ... Read More »

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