New study: Cell tower radiation can cause diabetes

New study: Cell tower radiation can cause diabetes
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(NaturalHealth 365) A study recently published in the Swiss science journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has found that radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMF) from cell phone towers can cause diabetes. This new study examined the effects of EMFs emitted by cell towers on hemoglobin.

Prof. Sultan Ayoub Meo, a professor at KSU’s College of Medicine has for the first time proved that the radiation from cell phone towers can cause diabetes mellitus. The study author said that, “this is the first study added in the global science literature about radiation and its link with type 2 diabetes mellitus.”

Wireless technology fuels the epidemic rise in diabetes

The study selected 159 apparently healthy students from two different elementary schools. 96 students from one school and 63 from another, of the same age, gender, nationality, regional, cultural and socio-economic status. Blood samples were collected from all the students and the hemoglobin (HbA1c) was analyzed. The team found that the students, who were exposed to high RF-EMF generated by cell towers had significantly higher HbA1c than the students who were exposed to low RF-EMF.

Diabetes is now rampant in our society. 100 years ago less than 0.01% of the United States population was affected by diabetes, today nearly 27% of the population is affected by the condition.

Type 2 diabetes is now rampant – over 382 million sufferers worldwide

Type 2 diabetes mellitus, also called type 2 diabetes and adult-onset diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. About 382 million people globally are suffering from diabetes mellitus and this number is expected to increase to 592 million by 2035, according to the International Diabetic Federation. The studies author said, “in 2014 alone a total of 4.9 million people died due to the complications of diabetes mellitus,” which means this deadly disease took someone’s life every seven seconds.

The use of mobile phones has markedly increased among both gender and all age groups across the world during the last two decades. The studies author said that “there are about 7.3 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, and this figure is more than the world’s population.”

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Not just diabetes: Cancer is being linked to cell tower exposures

This is the first study to establish a link between type 2 diabetes and cell tower radiation. But previous studies have revealed similar findings.

Previous studies studies have examined the relationship between cell tower radiation exposure and cancer rates in the city of San Francisco – in addition to cities in Austria, Germany, and Israel, dating as far back as the 1970s. All the studies shared remarkably similar findings, living within a certain proximity to a cell phone tower increased the risk of cancer anywhere from two to 121 times depending on the type of cancer that was detected.

In another study carried out in Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s third largest city, a direct link was found between 7000 cancer deaths in the city and cell phone tower radiation emissions. Unfortunately, legal action against cell towers is difficult because the 1996 Telecommunications Act (TCA) does not qualify the public’s right to protest cell tower locations based on health hazards. So, the question remains: ‘What should we do?’

How to protect yourself from EMF exposures

Here are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself from EMF exposures:

1. Avoid Wi-Fi and other wireless networks – especially in the home.
2. Replace cordless phones with corded versions.
3. Practice safe cell phone usage.
4. Avoid using a microwave oven in the home or office.
5. Move your bed 6 inches away from the wall and any potential wiring EMF issues.

If you’re concerned about the level of radiation from nearby cell towers you can measure it using a radio frequency meter. Click here for some important action steps.

Cell tower radiation linked to a long list of chronic diseases

This new study raises question marks over the safety of cell phone towers particularly those installed in residential and commercial areas including on/near school buildings. The concern is that the radiation emanating from these cell phone towers, besides causing cancer and diabetes may also be causing many other adverse health effects.

Here are some of the other dangers which studies are indicating can result from cell phone type radiation exposures:

  • Genetic mutations
  • Memory problems
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Brain disorders
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Infertility
  • Dementia
  • Heart complications

Bottom line: The dangers – outlined in this article – clearly make it imperative to take action today.

About the author: Lloyd Burrell is the founder of His website offers solutions to the growing number of people whose health is being compromised by exposure to wireless and similar technologies. Download his free EMF Health Report today!


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