Cell phone radiation and metal dental work linked to cancer and toxicity, study finds

Cell phone radiation and metal dental work linked to cancer and toxicity, study finds
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(NaturalHealth365) A new study has found that cell phone radiation exposures significantly increased nickel concentration in the saliva of adult patients who wear dental braces.

Fifty healthy patients with fixed orthodontic appliances were asked not to use their cell phones for a week. Their saliva samples were taken at the end of the week. During the next week the patients were allowed to use their cell phone and were asked to record their mobile phone usage times. A second saliva collection was taken and the nickel levels were measured again.

Proof: Cell phone usage does increase nickel in the human body

The peer-reviewed study found that cell phone use significantly increased nickel concentration compared to when they did not use their cell phones. It was also found that patients who spoke more on their cell phone had a greater increase in salivary nickel concentration.

The adverse effect of cell phone radiation on the release of nickel was found to be more prominent in women because they spoke more on their cell phones.

Nickel alloys are often used in orthodontics for metallic brackets, arch wires, and bands. But nickel is a known toxic and carcinogenic metal. According to the Environmental Health Research Unit in India, “nickel is a known haematotoxic, immunotoxic, neurotoxic, genotoxic, reproductive toxic, pulmonary toxic, nephrotoxic , hepatotoxic and carcinogenic agent.” It is also known to cause metal-induced allergic dermatitis.

Cell phones pose a serious threat to our children

This new study was conducted on young adults who had fixed orthodontic appliances. But the implications of these findings for children are particularly worrying.

Today, many children are cell phone users. A young child’s brain can absorb twice as much radiation as the adult’s brain. Multiple studies indicate that children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of cell phone radiation.

Given that children are more likely to be fitted for dental braces than adults, the implications of this research are far reaching.

Nickel is not the only threat to our health

There is considerable evidence to support the fact that dental amalgams are a huge issue also. Most amalgams are 50% liquid mercury and 50% other metals, things like powdered zinc, copper and tin.

These materials are mixed together and they appear to set within a matter of minutes. But, they never do set properly, they just become a stiff porridge. All the different metals in the amalgam become batteries (electro galvanism) in the context of the mouth. The amalgam filling discharges mercury vapor all the time.

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Watch out: EMFs increase the release of mercury vapors

Previous studies have found that EMF exposures cause significant increases in release of mercury into the body of individuals with mercury-based ‘silver’ fillings. The source of these EMFs are not necessarily just from cell phones they may be from computer monitors, Wi-Fi, televisions, microwave ovens and other appliances.

Are the metals in your mouth acting like an antenna?

Metals act as natural antennas emitting and receiving ambient EMFs. As Dr. Lina Garcia explains, “I think that we should not overlook the possibility that metal-containing dental work, especially titanium implants, could be acting like antennas for the microwave transmissions going on between our cell phones and all of the cell phone towers in our 21st century environment.”

Take action: Do everything you can to protect your health

Firstly, there is the question of dental health. In the case of orthodontic appliances, ask yourself do you really need them? In many cases a skilled osteopath can resolve dental issues without the need for orthodontic appliances.

If you have mercury-based ‘silver’ fillings, consider having them safely (properly) removed. Consult with a holistic dentist, take advice on having your dental amalgams replaced with a non metallic alternative.  But, don’t do anything until you know what you’re doing.

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Being particularly cautious about safe cell phone use is hugely important. This article gives some valuable tips on how you can do that. But many of us are subjected to EMF exposures in our every day lives.

Here are some more EMF protection tips:

  • Eliminate/reduce use of Wi-Fi
  • Replace cordless phones with corded versions
  • Avoid using a microwave oven
  • Avoid Bluetooth personal devices
  • Make sure all computer equipment is wired

About the author: Lloyd Burrell is the founder of ElectricSense.com. His website offers solutions to the growing number of people whose health is being compromised by exposure to wireless and similar technologies. Download his free EMF Health Report today!


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