Autopsies reveal medical atrocities caused by mRNA COVID jabs

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medical-atrocities(NaturalHealth365)  Messenger RNA, referred to as mRNA, is central to the supposed efficacy of COVID-19 jabs.  Hailed by the scientific community as the industry’s greatest innovation in combating viruses, mRNA isn’t what it appears to be.

Recent reports indicate that mRNA COVID-19 injections cause tremendous suffering and unknown numbers of deaths.  Autopsies of those who have succumbed to the injection reveal this supposed miracle medical technology causes unimaginable medical atrocities.

Study finds gene-based COVID-19 injections place lives under threat of illness and death

As each day passes, more and more autopsies and biopsies analyzing the true impact of mRNA injections reveal that this medical technology causes more harm than good.  As an example, reports stemming from The Burkhardt Group’s 10-member team of worldwide researchers consisting of coroners and a litany of scientists highlight how the biopsies and autopsies of COVID victims reveal uncomfortable truths.

The Burkhardt Group has analyzed 100 autopsies and 20 biopsies through multiple stages.  The group’s report focused on about 50 autopsy/biopsy cases consisting of men and women between the ages of 21 and 94.  Of these cases, death occurred between one week and six months following the final jab of the mRNA shot.

The victims in question were given mRNA drugs from Big Pharma’s powerhouses of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna.  The early autopsy reports named the cause of death as either uncertain or natural in all but two of the cases.  The forensic autopsies revealed the victims’ cause of death was likely the result of mRNA clot shots.  In total, 80% of the deaths stemmed from Big Pharma jabs.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is the wave of the future

The vast majority of the deceased individuals described above suffered “sudden death“, a term that has become nearly ubiquitous in the months and years after the COVID shot program was first initiated.  These people were found in places ranging from their automobiles to the street and in their homes.  The cause of death and locations of death are important as they indicate the victims did not suffer gradual health deterioration that required hospital or hospice stays.

Forensics experts and morticians are convinced the shot’s spike protein is the true cause of sudden death.  This spike protein must be distinguished from the Covid infection’s generation of a natural protein.

Does the COVID shot compromise internal organs?

The clot shot is also different from COVID infection in that it contains additional components ranging from the mRNA component, lipid nanoparticles, cholesterol, and even metals.  The COVID infection makes its way into the lungs, pharynx, eyes, and nose.  Alternatively, the injection transmits to muscle cells, vessels, and the endothelium.

The spike protein expressed within human body tissue primarily impacts the endothelium, disturbing vessels, potentially to the point of spurring early death.  Sadly, the shot even has the potential to result in clot formations that impede blood flow to the heart and other vitally important organs.

Autopsies of COVID-19 jab victims also reveal lesions were often found on several organs.  The shot’s spike protein appears to have caused inflammation of the blood vessel’s inner linings in both the venous and arterial systems.  In particular, the aorta’s fibers were found to have extensive inflammation.  In some cases, foreign bodies from mRNA injection were found within victims’ organs.

As difficult as it may be to face the extent of harm inflicted by these shots, it is critical to recognize that the widely-distributed “safe and effective” narrative was a blatant lie.  Continue seeking the truth and learn from our and others’ mistakes, as it is quite likely that the COVID-19 shot experiment may have only been a warm-up round for what may be coming next.

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