Breaking News: COVID shots induce sudden cardiac deaths

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covid-shots-cause-sudden-cardiac-deaths(NaturalHealth365)  It is common knowledge that sedentary living and an unhealthy diet can cause cancer, heart problems, and other health issues.  Unfortunately, not enough people know that cardiac arrest can also result from COVID shots.

Those willing to expand their intellectual horizons are learning that coronavirus injections have the potential to induce sudden cardiac arrest.  In many instances, COVID shots cause death.

Recent peer-reviewed analysis should spur the suspension of COVID shots

The lead author of a recent peer-reviewed study calls for the immediate suspension of Moderna and Pfizer mRNA shots.  Dr. Joseph Fraiman is issuing the siren call due to the adverse events, including cardiac arrest and death resulting from the COVID shots.

Fraiman points out how Janine Small, a Pfizer executive, is on the record admitting that the injection has not been adequately tested regarding its supposed ability to halt coronavirus transmission.  This admission directly conflicts with the company’s statements that injections were designed to slow or possibly even stop the spread of the virus.

We all recall that Big Pharma and Big Government initially touted mRNA shots to the masses as a means of stopping the spread of the virus.  When pressed to explain why Pfizer failed to test its shot to determine if it could prevent the spread of the virus, Small indicated that the company was limited by the “speed of science.”

In short, the rapid spread of the virus and market dynamics supposedly prevented Big Pharma from conducting adequate testing to determine if the shot could slow or halt the transmission of COVID.

Pfizer shielded itself from potential liabilities in contracts signed with governments

Truth-seekers confirmed the Pfizer executive’s admission when uncovering an uncensored corporate agreement written by Pfizer’s in-house attorneys.  The agreement with the government of Slovenia indicates that the vax was rapidly developed in response to the pandemic and requires additional analysis moving forward.

Dig deep into the legalese of the contract, and you’ll find the pharmaceutical giant shielded itself from potential litigation by stating that the long-term impact and efficacy of the shots are unknown.  The contract also notes the potential for adverse health outcomes to exceed the 24% that occurred within the initial test group of nearly 22,000.

The FDA is aware of COVID shot-induced harm yet, turns a blind eye

FDA surveillance data reveals Pfizer’s coronavirus shot isn’t as safe as the mainstream media would like us to believe.  Take a look at the FDA’s reports, and you’ll find the coronavirus vax hikes the chances of blood clots in the lungs by 50%.  And this figure is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The FDA is also on the record admitting that the Pfizer coronavirus vax has been tied to blood clots in senior citizens.  The findings are the result of one of the most expansive studies on seniors aged 65 and older.

Study authors find COVID vax increases severe adverse events at a rate of 1 in 800

Dr. Fraiman’s sounding of the alarm about the COVID vax might fall on deaf ears, yet the lack of social acceptance is not an indictment of his work.  Fraiman, an emergency physician based in New Orleans and a graduate of Weill Cornell Medicine, has more than two decades of professional experience.  His reanalysis of the Moderna and Pfizer clinical trials for mRNA coronavirus shots reveals an increase in adverse outcomes by a rate of 1 in 800.

However, at the time of Fraiman’s publication, he and his co-authors did not believe the analysis should prompt the removal of mRNA shots from the market.

As time has progressed and more information about the shots’ adverse events has been revealed, Fraiman and his colleagues have pivoted, calling for the immediate suspension of coronavirus shots across the board.  Fraiman is adamant that the FDA is concealing the adverse events caused by mRNA shots for nefarious reasons.

As more and more autopsy studies of recently vaxxed victims link the COVID shot to sudden cardiac arrest, it is becoming increasingly clear that the COVID vax program should be immediately shut down.

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